A Cure for Wellness

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A Cure for Wellness is a 2016 fantasy psychological horror film about a young executive who is sent to retrieve a colleague from a mysterious rehabilitation center in the Swiss Alps.

Directed by Gore Verbinski. Produced by Arnon Milchan, Gore Verbinski and David Crockett. Screenplay by Justin Haythe. Story by Justin Haythe and Gore Verbinski.
There is a cure. (taglines)


  • [repeated line] I'm not a patient!
  • [waking up in hospital bed] I need to call to New York.
  • That's resurrected, we need to clean up the Reynolds account in case those fucks at AML decide to do their job.
  • There's something in the water. There's something in the fucking water!

Hannah von Reichmerl[edit]

  • No-one ever leaves.
  • You told me one day I could leave.


[first lines]
Lockhart: [on the phone] No, we can not touch the munis, we use them as collateral for a leveraged equity position in Cisco. Never mind, take everything out of First National, move it over to Banyon.
Josh: Wait, you mean Delaware, I thought that was dead.
Lockhart: That's resurrected, we need to clean up the Reynolds account in case those fucks at AML decide to do their job.
Josh: Are you sure about that?
Lockhart: Nothing on email. Move everything back on Monday... You paying attention?
Josh: Yeah, yeah, I am.
Conductor: Tickets?

Pembroke: Is that why this came all this way? Ambition? Then you have it worse than any of us.
Lockhart: What's that?
Pembroke: The sickness. Your father saw the truth long before the rest of us. The pointlessness of the entire endeavor. We've all done terrible things. So many terrible things... [submerging into the pool water]

Volmer: You're quite right... the water is toxic unless it's purified properly, that Baron's only problem was using unwilling subjects... we've come along way in the past two hundred years, now we have plenty of willing volunteers seeking to cure themselves of the ill's of the world
Pembroke: [brainwashed] I've never felt better in my life
Volmer: [to Lockhart] You see... Why would anybody want to leave?

[Lockhart is now reading the letter sitting at boardroom table]
Pembroke: There is a sickness inside us. Rising like the bile that leaves that bitter taste at the back of our throats. It's there in every one of you seated around the table. We deny its existence until one day the body rebels against the mind and screams out, "I am not a well man." No doubt you will think only of the merger. That unclean melding of two equally diseased institutions. But the truth cannot be ignored. For only when we know what ails us can we hope to find the cure. I will not return. Do not attempt to contact me again. Sincerely, Roland E. Pembroke.
Hank Green: Well, Mr. Lockhart, what do you make of that?
Lockhart: Clearly he's lost his mind.
Wilson: Our thought exactly.
Hollis: Man goes for two-week spa vacation and has a complete mental breakdown.
Humphrey: [viewing his smartphone] Who the hell takes the waters in the 21st century anyway?

[last lines]
Hollis: [as Lockhart begins cycling away with Hannah] Are you insane?
Lockhart: [last line of the film; with a crazed grin on his face] Actually... I'm feeling much better now!
[Lockhart continues biking into the night]


  • There is a cure.
  • All of us are human. None of us are immune.


  • Dane DeHaan as Lockhart
    • Douglas Hamilton as 9-year old Lockhart
  • Jason Isaacs as Dr. Heinreich Volmer/Baron von Reichmerl
  • Mia Goth as Hannah von Reichmerl
  • Harry Groener as Roland Pembroke
  • Celia Imrie as Victoria Watkins
  • Adrian Schiller as Deputy Director
  • Ivo Nandi as Enrico
  • Ashok Mandanna as Ron Nair
  • Tomas Norström as Frank Hill
  • David Bishins as Hank Green
  • Carl Lumbly as Wilson
  • Lisa Banes as Hollis
  • Godehard Giese as Prim Technician
  • Magnus Krepper as Pieter The Vet
  • Tom Flynn as Humphrey
  • Eric Todd as Josh
  • Jason Babinsky as Carl
  • Johannes Krisch as Caretaker
  • Rebecca Street as Lockhart's Mother
  • Bert Tischendorf as Lockhart's Father
  • Jeff Burrell as Funeral Director
  • Angelina Häntsch as Volmer Institute Staff
  • Annette Lober as Volmer Institute Staff
  • Christian Brauer as Technician
  • Thomas Richter as Water Trainer
  • Chris Huszar as Wedding Guest
  • Marko Buzin as Wedding Guest

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