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A Fairly Odd Summer (also known as A Fairly Odd Movie 3 or A Fairly Odd Paradise) is a 2014 television film and is the third live action film based on the animated series The Fairly OddParents as well as the third and final installment in the live action film series.


  • Timmy's not too bright.


  • You lost the source of all magic in the universe?!
  • Use your new powers responsibly, Turner.


Cosmo: This lava's cooking us to medium-rare!
Timmy: Can't you guys just zap us out of here?
Wanda: Sorry, Timmy. Something about the magnetic rock in this molten magma neutralizes our fairy power!
Cosmo: And don't even ask about the wi-fi reception!

Foop: [appearing from behind a stack of tires] Soon, my foolish fairy friends, your time shall come very soon! [notices a butterfly] So pretty. [turns the butterfly into a bat] Better! Laugh! Laugh! [his phone-bottle rings] Foop here. Hello, your Highness. Yes, of course, I'm still on my mission. Just trying to destroy those fairies, you know. It is a bit of a boring job. What? Oh, no, not to you. I'll get right back on it.

Cosmo: Cheer up, Timmy! Just think - only 165 days until Christmas!
Wanda: But in Fairy World, time moves slower, so it's really 656 days.
Cosmo: Yay! [Timmy looks at them oddly] And as an early gift, we will now escape with our lives!

Anti-Fairy Councilman: The Anti-Fairy Council is unhappy with your progress, Foop. You're supposed to annihilate the likes of Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof once and for all!
Foop: But, you see, my usual tricks aren't working. Although, I did discover that they have an amazing power source called, "Abracadabrium." Perhaps, I can destroy that. [his bottle gets taken away] What?! Hey, wait a minute! My bottle is the source of most of my power. And the source of most of my apple juice. I am a baby, after all.
Anti-Fairy Councilman: If you succeed, we'll give your bottle back.
Foop: [delighted] Splendid!
Anti-Fairy Councilwoman: But be warned, Foop, anti-fairies cannot touch the Abracadabrium. It contains far too much goodness.
Foop: [disgusted] Ugh!
Anti-Fairy Councilwoman: If you touch it, you will be destroyed!
Foop: But if I can't touch the Abracadabrium, then how am I supposed to destroy it?
Anti-Fairy Councilman: That's your problem. Because, should you fail, your only reward will be unspeakable horror.

Timmy: Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing?!
Cosmo: Yes, a cream cheese and rhubarb sandwich without the crusts cut off. The horror!
Timmy: No, my dad wrapped my sandwich in the check he was supposed to use for his company's party. When he tells his boss that he forgot this check, the whole party will be ruined and my dad will be fired! Oh, this is awful. The stress is making my lips chap. What? This isn't my lip stuff. [realizes] Oh, no. Tootie. And the spotted dolphins!
Cosmo: Yes, Timmy, I see them, too. So beautiful.
Timmy: No. Tootie took my lip stuff instead of the cure for the dolphins. Without this gas, they're doomed! And everyone's gonna blame Tootie. That's it. We have to go to Hawaii and give Tootie her dolphin gas and bring Dad his check.
Wanda: We can't leave the Abracadabrium. You're responsible, Timmy. The lives and happiness of fairies everywhere count on it being safe.
Timmy: If I can't stay here and guard it, I'll just take it with me.
Wanda: If you remove the Abracadabrium, the Big Wand will have no power and you'll destroy Fairy World.
Cosmo: Including us!
Timmy: Not exactly. Check it out. The Big Wand has backup power. [flicks the switch to auxiliary power] There, that should keep things humming until we get back.
Wanda: Oh, I have a bad feeling about this.
Timmy: [carefully removes the Abracadabrium and sets it in his bag] We'll be back before Jorgen even knows we left. What could possibly go wrong?
Wanda: We can't be gone long, Timmy. We're gonna need the fastest way to get to Hawaii.
Timmy: I'm all over it.

Foop: Foolish human. I shall destroy you like I'm going to destroy Timmy Turner and Fairy World!
Crocker: Destroy Timmy Turner and Fairy World? Why those are my 6 favorite words. Oh… You're not a fairy.
Foop: Huh?
Crocker: You're an anti-fairy. I know all about your kind. You're the opposite of fairies. You're mean instead of good. Angry instead of happy. They're cute, you're deplorable.
Foop: Deplorable. We're finishing each other's…
Foop and Crocker: …sentences.

Vicky: Move it, twerps. Vicky's gotta get her beach on.

[Crocker and Foop enter a chamber in the cave]
Crocker: Oh, this place is as dark and empty as my tip jar on Teacher Appreciation Night. Huh? Oh… Oh, look, graffiti. Isn't any surface safe from the spray cans of young hoodlums?
Foop: These are cave paintings, Crocker, thousands of years old, ancient tales that no human or anti-fairy has ever laid eyes on.
Crocker: Oh, of course. Um…what…what does that mean?
Foop: This cave is an anti-chamber that can access the volcano's lava stream.
Crocker: Mm-hm?
Foop: Eons ago, during something called the Aloha Moon, the moonlight would illuminate the way to bring molten lava into this chamber. The natives used the lava to melt the captured stone idols of their enemies… [Crocker yawns] which they believed destroyed their spirits.
Crocker: Oh, destroyed spirits? Like my students. Ho, ho, wonderful!

Marty: Hey, Mitzie, the pool has a slide.
Mitzie: I know. Hey, Vicky, mind if we go play in the pool?
Vicky: Too much chlorine in the pool. You'll wrinkle. You're safer on the sand.
Marty: Can we go in the ocean?
Vicky: Fish go to the bathroom in the ocean! You'll get rabies! Make a sandcastle. Play with the beach ball I bought you.
Mitzie: Actually, you found that in the garbage.
Marty: And it has a hole in it.
Vicky: A deflated ball is less dangerous. Now stop interrupting me, I'm talking! [talks to the Mulligan family's credit card] Sorry about that. Now we can be alone and finally enjoy Hawaii-- just me, the beach, and you. You're so pretty, pretty, pretty.
Mitzie: Maybe Vicky's right. Let's make a sandcastle.

Foop: Ah, bottle knockers. I love this game! I always win!

Vicky: Timmy Turner! I should have known you'd be behind their escape!
Tootie: Escape?
Vicky: Oh, don't play smug with me, twerp. I'm their nanny. It's my summer job. I'm in charge and there's nothing these little brats or the likes of Timmy Turner can do about it!
Mitzie: We just wanted to have fun.
Vicky: You will do what I say and like it. [to Timmy] And you stay away from my kids, if you know what's good for you! [grabs both Marty and Mitzie's hands] Come here.
Timmy: Only Vicky could ruin Hawaii. I wish I could make those kids happy.
Cosmo and Wanda: Done!
[They poof up a pile of buckets, making Vicky trip and fall, landing her face on a cake]
Vicky: [enraged] Who eats cake on the beach?!?! TURNER! [growls]

Foop: Here comes hot lava! Hot, scary, deadly, just like me!
Crocker: Well, you're kinda cute. I wouldn't say hot.

Foop: [laughing evilly] The lava's rising nicely and your perch is crumbling. Now to watch you goody-goodies and the Abracadabrium be destroyed!
Timmy: [arriving to the rescue] Hold it, Foop!
Tootie, Marty and Mitzie: Timmy!
Crocker: Turner!
Foop: Well, well, if it isn't Timmy Turner. I guess you could say goodbye to your fairies and Fairy World once and for all!

Foop: This time, you're too late, Turner. I smell a strike!
Vicky: [showing up in sight] Hold it! [to Timmy] Hey, twerp! I followed you here out of pure revenge! [holds up a slice of pizza] How about a slice of hot payback pepperoni?! [angrily throws it at him, but Timmy ducks and it hits Foop instead] Seriously?! Well, how about some hot knuckle pie?!

[After getting in a scuffle with Foop to give back the Abracadabrium, Timmy falls into the lava and absorbs its power, magically turning him into a CGI fairy]
Tootie, Marty & Mitzie: Timmy?
Timmy: Whoa! How'd I do that?
Tootie: Timmy, what happened to you?
Wanda: I know what happened. When you fell into the lava with the Abracadabrium, the heat must've made you absorb some of its power. Now you've got magical abilities of your own.
Cosmo: Do you realize what this means?
Timmy: It means I'm just like you guys! This is awesome!
Cosmo: Oh, that's what it means. I was way off.
Timmy: Hey, Tootie, how'd you like your own personal magic fairy?
Tootie: [laughs] Really? Well, only if we can use your new fairy powers to help helpless creatures.
Timmy: You bet!
Tootie: Then I'm in.

Crocker: Turner? Hm… I remember you as bigger. [exclaims at Timmy's CGI fairy appearance] Bless my bodkins, Timmy Turner has become his own… [clears throat and straightens his neck] FAIRY GODPARENT!
Tootie: Wait, speaking of fairies, where's Foop?
Foop: [rising out of the lava; vowing] Just so you all know, I'm still a force to be reckoned with! Pound. Steal. Steal! [Poof whacks him away, sending him out of the volcano; yelping] BEWARE!!!

Timmy: Mr. Crocker, were you really ready to destroy Fairy World?
Tootie: Yeah, that was pretty mean, even for you.
Crocker: Me? Oh, no, no. I had no part of that. I have no idea who that square blue fellow was. Why, I no sooner knew that angular criminal than the ridiculous boob who handed me this check for a whole lotta money… [takes out the check] in exchange for a fire dancer show. Oh, yes, life is just so random. [clears throat] I'm innocent.
Timmy: Oh, no, Dad! Okay, my first official wish as a fairy is gonna involve some dancing, and Mr. Crocker, you're gonna help.
Crocker: Oh? Huh. What could I possibly do?

Crocker: I cannot begin to tell you how hot this fire is! Oh, ho, aloha, mama!

Poof: [throws wreath at the viewers] Aloha!


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