A Pest in the House

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A Pest in the House is a Merrie Melodies animated short film released on August 2, 1947. It is directed by Chuck Jones and stars the characters of Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd. In the short, a sleepy man demands total quiet from hotel manager Elmer Fudd, but bellhop Daffy's noisy antics keep prompting the exasperated guest to sock Elmer in the face.

Daffy Duck

  • So, a fine kettle of fish! Here I work myself to the skin and bones trying to get this guy to sleep, and what do you do? Blow whistles! Just when I got things so quiet you could hear a pin drop, you bust in here and bust out with a whistle, and you snafu the whole works! How in the name of all that's reasonable do you expect a guy to get his slumber when a goof like you goes around making noises like a one-man Fourth of July celebration? He needs peace and quiet! It's positively outrageous!
  • [last lines] Noisy little character, isn't he!


Elmer Fudd: Take this gentleman to suite 666.
Daffy Duck: Yes siree, sir!
Businessman: Just one more thing. I'm a tired man. I gotta have my sleep, plenty of it. So see to it that I get lots of peace and quiet. [grabs Elmer by the collar] Because if I'm disturbed at any time, I'm gonna bust you right in the nose!
Daffy Duck: Likeable chap, isn't he?
Businessman: May I go to my room, now? I'd like a little rest.
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