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A Simple Plan is a 1998 neo-noir crime thriller film about two brothers and a friend who find $4 million in a crashed airplane in the woods of rural Minnesota, and the problems that follow after they make an agreement to keep the money.

Directed by Sam Raimi. Written by Scott Smith, based on his novel.
Sometimes good people do evil things. Taglines
With $4 million comes plenty of change. Taglines

Jacob Mitchell

  • [commenting on crows] Those things are always waiting for something to die so they can eat it. What a weird job.
  • Hank, do you ever feel evil?
  • I wish somebody else had found that money.
  • We don't have anything in common, me and him, except maybe our last name.
  • I mean, hell, Hank, I've never even kissed a girl. You know, if me becoming rich is gonna change all that, you know I'm all for it.

Sarah Mitchell

  • Nobody'd ever believe that you'd be capable of doing what you've done.


Lou Chambers: It's the American dream in a goddamn gym bag!
Hank Mitchell: You work for the American dream. You don't steal it.
Lou Chambers: Then this is even better.

Lou Chambers: What you gonna buy, Jakey boy?
Jacob Mitchell: I'm gonna buy me a truck.
Lou Chambers: No, fuck that. Get something classy – Trans-Am!
Jacob Mitchell: Yeah, in my wildest fuckin' dreams, a Trans-Am!

Neil Baxter: [confronted by Hank Mitchell, who's pointing a pistol] But you're not the cold-blooded type, are you Mr. Mitchell? Looks like we're both going to have an awful lot of explaining to do.
Hank Mitchell: Just me. [shoots him dead]


  • Sometimes good people do evil things.
  • Four million dollars and plenty of change.
  • They've worked hard all their lives, but they still can't afford the American Dream. Stealing it is even better.


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