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A Troll in Central Park is the 1994 animated film directed by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman. This film is titled as "Stanley's Magic Garden". This is the last film for Dom DeLuise to work for Don Bluth Films.

The spectacular adventure of a magical troll who teaches two children that when you believe in yourself... You can do anything! (taglines)


  • [(traps inside a cave under the bridge)] What a place. It's worst than home. I don't like it here. Not one bit. All I ever wanted is a little patch of green. [( uses his green thumb to crate a patch of green and lies on it)] There, there's my patch. I safe here and I never get out of this cave ever again.
  • I'm a coward.
  • [(to Rosie)] Yes, but I'm not like any other trolls. I'm different, you know, I like beautiful things like flowers.
  • You know, Violet? For this garden needs a big Rosie Posie. Now, I'm just a sweet little wiggin, I mean Stanley to do it. [(clicks his fingers to light his Green thumb)] Watch! [(his thumb touches the patch to create a rose)] That's nice.
  • [(to Rosie)] I knew it! I knew you liked that. I knew it! Oh, we were like you and me. My Mommy used to read me stories about Humans, you know, before she put me to bed. But you are the first one I ever met in person. How you do?
  • You better believe it.
  • Don't you know that dreams are fragile things?


  • Hush up!
  • I'm a coward!
  • [(to Gus, turning him into a troll)] You want to act like a troll? Be a troll.
  • [(to Llort while getting dragged away by Cornelius)] Llort, help! Llort, do something!
  • Why should I listened to you, and send him here? I should've sent him to GoblinVille! They know how to deal with that smiling, happy troll.
  • That little mutant troll has proving himself to be more monsterouly trouble than he's worth!


  • [(to Gnorga's dog)] Stop attacking me! Why do you always have to attack? Sit! Stay! Sit down!
  • Llort: And look. That's sweet. Adorable little baby. [(Gnorga growls)] Horrible creature, isn't she!
  • Llort: I know. I quitely agree. That's why we truly need the little baby. To bring him here, so we can finish him. [(chuckles)] Remember?


  • You know what, Stanley? You'll never have a dream come true, and you know why? Because you just too scared to fight for what you believed in. You're a coward!
  • Stop saying that! He can't be a troll, because there's no such thing as troll. [(looks at the dancing flowers)] Uh oh, talking flowers.
  • Hang on, Rosie! Hang on!
  • And then, Dad and me are going to see my boat. We're going to have ice cream and I'm going to have double chocolate. [(Rosie plays with Gus' remote)] Hey, Rosie, don't touch that! Only me and Dad get to go. [(Rosie coos)] No, Rosie, you stay here. This is just for me and dad.
  • [(angry that his parents are busy)] Later, later! It always have to be later! Why can we ever do what I want to do?! I wanna do what I want to do!
  • "Private. Keep Out," and stay out, Maria.


  • Troll.
  • [(to Gnorga)] You're a booger!
  • Flower.
  • Butterfly!


Stanley: Yeah, but what can I do?
Gus: [(snatches his boat from Stanley)] What about all your powers, Mr. YouGottaBelieveGreenThumb?
Stanley: Oh no, no, no! My presidentigation is no match for Gnorga's magic...
Gus: [(interupts)] Oh, sure! You're just saying that cause you're scared to fight her!
[the flowers gasp in shock]
Stanley: I can't. Oh, you know Gnorga. She'll destroy me! She'll marbleize me!
Gus: Well, I'm not scared!
Stanley: [(the flowers leave Stanley behind and go help with Gus)] I help you if I could, but I can't. She'll turn into stone and I don't wannna be rockinised.

Cornelius: [(points at Gnorga)] Get her, right now!

Gus: Ready to go, Dad?
Alan: Finally.
Gus: Great!
Alan: You're not coming.
Hillary: Your father's off to a meeting, Honey.
Gus: But you promised to take me to the park!
Alan: You know I have an important case to prepare for. The park have to come later.

Alan: Good morning.
Gus: Hi, Dad.
Alan: [(points at stoned Stanley)] Who's your friend? Oh, your mom says that you're breakfast is ready. Still mad at me from yesterday. Well, what about the day, huh? Your mother and I thought we thought of fun things we can do today.
Gus: Dad, do you think maybe we could do what I want to do?

Gus: This is weird. Rosie, we better go home now.
Stanley: Go?! You mean "Leave?" [(grabbed Gus' leg)] You're gonna take Rosie away from me?!
Gus: You got it, Space-man!


  • The spectacular adventure of a magical troll who teaches two children that when you believe in yourself... You can do anything!
  • Believe in Yourself and You Can Do Anything!


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