Aaagh! It's the Mr. Hell Show!

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Aaagh! It's the Mr Hell Show is an animated comedy television show that aired on BBC Two from 28 October 2001 to 18 February 2002.

Mr. Hell[edit]

  • Being red with pointy ears doesn't make me a devil, being a bastard does!
  • I'd like to introduce you to my lovely co-host, whose name I can't remember since I had sex with her and no longer care.
  • It takes 9 months to make one episode of The Simpsons? We're doing a whole series in that time... but it's still good
  • This show is the last in the series, unless they're showing them in the wrong order, in which case see you next week.


Damien: Father I don't really see the point of trying to enroll in an all girls school
Mr. Hell: Are you sure you're my son?

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