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Aamir Hussain Khan (born 14 March 1965) is an Indian actor, director, producer and activist.


  • Certainly we were disappointed. But the thing that really kept us in our spirits was that the entire country was behind us.
    • On the loss of his movie 'Lagaan', in Oscar.[1]
  • Shammiji is said to be India's answer to Elvis Presley, but I say that Elvis Presley is America's answer to Shammi Kapoor. The mark of a good actor is the belief with which he gives a shot and Shammiji gave his each shot with a strong belief and that makes him a great actor of all times.
  • Indian film awards lack credibility.
    • Statement, when asked that why he don't attend any awards of Indian Cinema, 27 February, 2008.[3].
  • It's not important to me... people will see my films if they want to. Also, I cannot deal with so many things, I have bandwidth only for that much.
  • I would love to work with Salman. We have a great tuning so if we work together, it will be great fun. But till the time we don't get a good script, a script that excites both of us, we can't work together.

Quotes about Aamir Khan[edit]

  • Aamir Khan is an intelligent actor with an eye for detail. He places the film above every individual or ego.[5]
  • He was my hero in Ghulam. After that there was a long gap until Mangal Pandey. In between he did want me for Lagaan. Today, we're very close friends. The equation is different. I remembered how he used to show me to do scenes. He still tells me how to do my scenes.[6]

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