Abbott and Costello in Hollywood

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Abbott and Costello in Hollywood is a 1945 film about two bumbling barbers who act as agents for a talented but unknown singer, and stage a phony murder in order to get him a plum role.

Directed by S. Sylvan Simon. Written by Nat Perrin and Lou Breslow.
Your favorite SCREEN TEAM is on the SCREAM BEAM!  (taglines)


Abercrombie: A face like mine is hard to forget.
Buzz Kurtis: How do you know?
Abercrombie: I've been tryin' for years!

Buzz Kurtis: You can't sleep?
Abercrombie: No.
Buzz Kurtis: I've got just the thing for you. Don't go away. [He leaves the room and returns with a phonograph record] Well, pal, here it is.
Abercrombie: What do you got there?
Buzz Kurtis: [reading the label] Go To Sleep with Dr. Caswell Snide.
Abercrombie: Oh, no! I wanna sleep alone!


  • Your favorite SCREEN TEAM is on the SCREAM BEAM!
  • They crash the studios and see stars!
  • M-G-Merriment


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