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Aberration is a 1997 horror film directed by Tim Boxell. It was set in the United States and shot in New Zealand, and stars Pamela Gidley as a woman who moves to her old childhood cabin in the woods, only to discover that it is overrun by a pack of murderous lizards.

Directed by Tim Boxell. Produced by Chris Brown and Tim Sanders. Written by Darrin Oura and Scott Lew.
Where civilisation ends... the nightmare begins!

Marshall Clarke[edit]

  • [to the lizard] Welcome to the bottom of the food chain.
  • [after Mrs. Miller is killed] Not her too. She... was a nice lady!
  • [to the lizards in a car] You really disappointed me, you know that?

Yuri Romanov[edit]

  • [after blasting a lizard] I got to get out into the country more often!


Marshall: I guess you could say you paid your dues.
Amy: I paid my dues. I paid for it in my cat, my house, two goldfishes, and $50,000's worth!

Marshall: There's going to be more of them soon. I suggest we torch the place as soon as possible!
Yuri: You suggest? I suggest you shut up!

Mrs. Miller: No guns!
Marshall: Don't tell me no guns; this is sportsman's paradise!


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