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Action League Now! (2001-2002) was an American animated television series that aired on Nickelodeon. The series follows the adventures of a superhero league, composed of various toy action figures and dolls.


Stinky Diver: This is pathetic. I'm missing Baywatch for this?
Meltman: Maybe we're early, Stinky.

[after the Mayor unveils the big baby at a circus sideshow]
Thunder Girl: Awww, it's a witsy-bitsy baby!
Stinky Diver: Blimey! It's a grotesque parody of human life!

Stinky Diver: Smash it, crush it, destroy it!
Bill: No, Big Baby's a rare creature, to be studied, not destroyed. Let us use reason, not violence.
Chief: Say, um, Bill, there's something we've been meaning to tell you.
Thundergirl: Uh, yeah. Big Baby sort of grabbed your daughter, Quarky, and ran off with her.
Bill: That thing has my daughter? Aaah! Smash it, crush it, destroy it!

Announcer: Meanwhile, the League has gathered together for a touching, final farewell...
Chief: Blast it! If I had any legs left, I'd stomp all you fool-heads into the ground!

Chief: (shrieks) HOLY MOTHER OF MOTHERS!!
Cloned Leagues: Hi, Chief!
Bill: Oh no, I was afraid of this.
Chief: No, you weren't, you pointy-headed geek! I WAS!!

Narrator: A planet: doomed. A rocket: kaboomed! As a deadly showdown approaches, our ill-fated four reflect on the meaning of their lives.
Thunder Girl: I never got to direct!
Meltman: I may have only been a chunk of melted plastic, but I tried!
Stinky Diver: You blokes aren't such tossers after all.

Admiral: Commence bombing!
Bill: Wait, you can't! Not just for me, but for the love of science, the love of knowledge, the love of... sequels!
Admiral: Sequels? Cancel that order, gunner! We've got a franchise to protect!
League: Yay!
Narrator: Not nearly the end...


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