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Adam Adamant Lives! was a BBC television series of 1966-67, starring Gerald Harper as the eponymous Adam Adamant, an Edwardian adventurer frozen in a block of ice in 1902 and revived in the 'swinging London' of the mid 1960s. Attempting to assist him was Georgina Jones, played by Juliet Harmer, a young London girl who was a descendant of one of his original assistants; his butler and manservant, William E. Simms, was played by Jack May.

First series


A Vintage Year for Scoundrels

Louise was Adamant's girlfriend from 1902 whose betrayal of him led to his capture; First used in the untransmitted pilot, recorded April 8, 1966, this sequence received its public view in "A Vintage Year for Scoundrels" (June 23, 1966) and was shown in flashback in most future episodes.
Louise: So clever .. but oh, so vulnerable.
A line used to end almost every episode, which was first used in "A Vintage Year for Scoundrels".
Georgina Jones: Hey, Mr Adamant! Wait for me!

Death has a Thousand Faces

Georgina's catchphrase was first used in "Death has a Thousand Faces" (June 30, 1966).
Georgina Jones: Zoink!

More Deadly Than the Sword

Adamant: (upon discovering Georgina Jones in his car) And where did you come from, Miss Jones?
Georgina Jones: I was shopping and saw the car. Who were you seeing?
Adamant: That is hardly your concern and I am in far too much of a hurry to act as your coachman, so if you'd excuse me...
Georgina Jones: Then it is a crisis!
Adamant: Only if you remain in the driving seat.

Adamant: (showing Georgina-and the audience-where he lives, which appears to be a car park) Here we are!
Georgina Jones: Don't see why you have to live here. It's so dreary.
Adamant: Well, it is very convenient. And it also happens to be one of the quietest parts of London. After five.

Georgina Jones: (Adamant had replicated his house and furnished it with his original belongings including a desk which Georgina inspects) What's this?
Adamant: What's what?
Georgina Jones: This hole in your desk.
Adamant: Oh, that was a shot from Lebitski's revolver.
Georgina Jones: Were you sitting at the desk at the time?
Adamant: Yes I was. He just grazed me. I still have the mark.
Georgina Jones: Wow! Are there any more holes?
Adamant: No, no. He didn't get the chance to fire again.

Adamant: (mid-flight on a plane, reprimanding Georgina) You have absolutely no right...
Air Stewardess: Fasten your seatbelt, please.
Adamant: Madam, would you kindly stop this machine at once.
Air Stewardess: It's all right, sir. Everything's under control.
Georgina Jones: (fastening Adamant's seatbelt) Here, like this. He hasn't flown before.
Adamant: We strap ourselves in? Do they expect us to fall out?

McLennon: Hey, you're a pommie, aren't you?
Adamant: How very observant of you.
McLennon: McLennon, Brisbane.
Adamant: Rolston, South Kensington.
McLennon: South Kensington. They get loads of Australians round there, don't they? Earl's Court Road...what do they call it? Kangaroo Corner, is that right?
Adamant: Yes, I believe the tone of the neighbourhood had dropped rather in recent years.

The Sweet Smell of Disaster

Simms: There was a young fellow from Rhyl/Who swallowed a new plastic pill./He changed overnight,/To a terrible sight,/And now he's a lily called Bill.
Adamant: Was that on the spur of the moment, Simms?
Simms: Oh yes, sir.
Adamant: I thought as much.

McLintock: I suppose you wanted to see Mickey Mouse?
Adamant: Is he your managing director?

Adamant: I find concussion quite invigorating.

Adamant: Gas.
Georgina Jones: What?
Adamant: It appears they may be trying to gas us, Miss Jones. That nozzle up there.
Georgina: Oh, that's a fire sprinkler.

Allah Is Not Always With You

Vargos: You see, my dear? Already you are screaming with terror and I have done nothing. Nothing at all.

Georgina Jones: I'll be your fluffy for tonight.
Adamant: Miss Jones!
Georgina Jones: Ssh! You're not suppose to know me.
Adamant: There are times when I wish I didn't, Miss Jones.

Adamant: The mistress of the wheel does not appear to be with you tonight.
Ahmed: I do not play to win, sir, only for the enjoyment.
Adamant: I see. In that case your evening must be ecstatic.

Vargos: We must get rid of Adamant.
Helen: Try blowing up the club, you might just catch him.

Georgina Jones: What was all that about?
Adamant: The Sheik merely wished to purchase you for his harem.
Georgina: (:laughs:) No!
Adamant: If you would wear more orthodox garments, Miss Jones, these matters would not arise.
Georgina: The dirty old man.
Adamant: Not at all. He probably felt you needed some decent clothes, a few good meals and a lesson or two in manners. On second thoughts, it might do you the world of good.

The Terribly Happy Embalmers

Wilson: We hope you’ve given some thought to what we said earlier.
Velmer: About going to sleep and leaving your problems behind.
Adamant: Behind?
Wilson: Suppose you were announced officially dead?
Velmer: It'd be the end of your tax problems, wouldn't it?

Adamant: I was just thinking that if you’ve killed me now, I’d have cooperated at my own murder. It’s an amusing thought, don’t you think?

Wilson: You fight in the exact style as my great-grandfather.
Adamant: I ought to. He taught me.

To Set a Deadly Fashion

Roget Clair: Remind me to phone my solicitor after we kill him.

Roget Clair: (to the captive Adamant) So you’re with us again. For a while I thought I’d killed you. It was quite terrifying.

The Last Sacrifice

Esta Canfield: (acting as a tour guide to Pearmain's stately home) You seem lost.
Adamant: Bewildered, madam.
Esta Canfield: Which party are you with?
Adamant: Well, I'm a liberal, madam.

Lord Rufus Pearmain: The great majority of people who come here hope to gain something spiritually. Since most of them are quite incapable of gaining anything at all, they feel cheated. The zoo and the funfair are there to rectify the situation.

Adamant: You do realise that I abhor your interference in this affair.
Georgina: Oh, when you say things like that I go all warm and cuddly.

Adamant: Simms! Weekend bag, Simms, to include my evening clothes.
Simms: The grey again, sir?
Adamant: Perhaps you should come with me. I might need a runner.
Simms: (nervously) That is very civil of you, sir, but seeing as we have the plumber coming tomorrow to see about that pipe, one of us ought to be here and I can hardly ask you.
Adamant: (knowingly) Have no fear, Simms, have no fear. I take your point.
Simms: Fear, sir? Me, sir?
Adamant: If only Miss Jones had one ounce of your prudence, Simms. If those fiends lay so much as a finger on her…
Simms: Oh she’ll be alright, sir. She probably hanging around, waiting for something to happen.

Cut to the next scene, which is Georgina chained to a dungeon wall watched by Lord Rufus and Esta

Georgina: Here, what happens now?

Sing a Song of Murder

Carson: Do you believe in the power of good and the power of evil?
Melville: No, only in good and bad taste.

The Doomsday Plan

Doctor Mort: Yesterday, I was walking in the park and I saw a little lad no higher than my thigh, standing at the edge of a great pond, holding a piece of string. A piece of string. And I approached the lad no higher than my thigh and spoke to him. “Lad, why are you standing at the side of this great pond, holding a piece of string?” “Sir this is a boat on the end of this string and it has sunk.” “Then how do you know that its still there if you cannot see it?” “Because, sir, I can feel the tug.”

Georgina: He’s a crank.
Adamant: Possibly, my dear Miss Jones.
Georgina: No, a phoney.
Adamant: Well, every decade has its Doctor Mort. I remember myself, very clearly, in 1895, a professor Forbes Micklewhite prophesied the Great Flood on July the 10th.
Georgina: What happened?
Adamant: Brighton had 14 hours of sunshine. It was a record, I believe.
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