Adaora Lily Ulasi

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Adaora Lily Ulasi

Adaora Lily Ulasi (born 1932) was a Nigerian journalist and novelist.


Quotes about Ulasi[edit]

  • It is clear that she (Ulasi) has produced five mysteries. The novels are indeed mysteries ... set in what Hortense Spillers, in another context, refers to as the "terrain of witchcraft" (1987, 189). In Ulasi, seeing is not always believing or deceptive. Her intriguing genre, the juju novel, appears to be Nigeria's answer to the gothic and magic realism ... Ulasi's terrain covers the occult, dark, impenetrable tropical forests; in short, vestiges of the supernatural world, which proliferate the Nigerian imagination.
  • Decades ago I read Adaora Lily Ulasi's Many Thing You No Understand. When I read the work, who would have thought about the strange happenings in my nation, Nigeria?Adaora, who passed on in 2016, also wrote Many Thing Begin for Change, and The Man from Sagamu Let me say that as we keep mute or play mute, as we pay lip service things are changing, and the resultant effect is one that we may not be able to cope with....
    • Blueprint Newspapers as quoted in [1], Facebook , 6 December 2020.

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