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Adaora Onyechere, Co-anchor of Kakaaki AIT

Adaora Onyechere (1984) is a Nigerian broadcast journalist, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, poet and author. She is a former co-anchor of Kakaaki, a daily talk show on Africa Independent Television. She currently hosts her own show, Talk to Adaora commonly known as Talk2Adaora on Kiss 99.9 FM Abuja. She is the founder of WEWE Network Afrique, a Pan-African organization.


  • I say to myself that my goal if I never get married, I tend to look at myself as the other Theresa of Nigeria, having so many children that are not even born to you but living your life for others and making sure that you create value for those you will leave behind to be able to carry on the work.
    • [1] Adaora speak on life as a single mother in 2015.
  • That experience was a breakthrough for me and, having conquered that I saw the possibility of having to use my voice for the first time and then I started voice coaching. I did internship with Channel 4, did internship with BBC Online, did a lot of auxiliary training and then I decided to just go freelancing.
    • [2] Adaora share experiences on journalism in 2015.
  • I believe and understand that there is misogyny in the system, a lot of women want to be part of it, but there is stereotype and so there is a lacking principal of inclusion of women at the grassroots. For me, it is grassroots first because if we can bond from bottom to top what we can deliver is the fact that more women will be included, more voices will be heard and then the role play will slowly begin to change.
    • [3] Adaora speak on inclusion of women in politics in 2019.
  • Getting into the field was a totally different experience and ball game. And I am like, ‘Ah ha, we have come here now, what do we do? How do we re-engage?’ Trust me, the more you look when you get into politics, the less you see, because the narratives you thought were shaping or were supposed to shape those who are in power was not the case scenario in real time.
    • [4] Adaora shift to politics in 2020.
  • And as per my role as the SSA, it was not about the title or about the office; it was about the activation for service for those who my principal called to serve and my admiration for his wife, Ebere Ihedioha, who was very visible and also very passionate about the plight of women in Imo State.
    • [5] Adaora explain role as SSA in 2020.
  • The Women and Gender Affairs Cluster committee is tasked with responsible for leading, guiding, defending and coordinating the AU Ecosoc efforts on gender equality and development and promoting women’s empowerment by ensuring that African countries comply with the AU Solemn Declaration on Gender Equality.
    • [6] Adaora as chairperson of the Women and Gender Affairs Cluster Committee in 2020.
  • Today as the social call mounts on the development of Africa, sustainability is key and requires deliberate actions such as this passion, fairness and dexterity will be my guiding charge towards ensuring the gap for women’s role is brought to the fore and activate innovations and policies that mainstream women across all sectors.
    • [7] Adaora appointed into AU-ECOSOC in 2020.
  • The records show that hitherto illicit drug consumption used to be among the male youth population though expanding to now include teenage girls, young women and older married women. But to intentionally segregate the consideration to just single women even when the higher percentage of consumption is amongst men and boys shows a complete lack of appropriate gender mapping on this issue across the states in Nigeria.
    • [8] Gender Activist Adaora speak on drug test in 2020.

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