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Adaora Udoji (born December 30, 1967) is an American journalist and producer. She has worked in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence (AI).


  • Human beings are curious about other human beings. Form and shape of [documentaries], of course, is going to change, and yes, it was wonderful when the streamers got involved. But documentaries have only been increasing. Look at the last 50 years: you look at all of the surveys, you look at all the quantitative data, all audiences love documentaries across gender, across race, whatever it is, there is a tremendous curiosity
  • I left the broadcast news chair altogether and reliving this has been painful. Yet I am hopeful things can change. I speak up now for the women and women of color and people of color who are doing incredible work in public radio. They deserve to be treated fairly. They deserve for meritocracy to be more than a buzzword.

This is not a time to be silenced. This is a time of transparency, accountability and a great opportunity for change.

  • I don’t claim to have an answer for how to resolve this, what actions should be taken or how to prevent something like this from happening again. I do know, while I can go back to work in my peaceful place, the girls cannot; at least not this minute.I do know this atrocity is devastating. I hope the international community continues to condemn these acts and do all within international law to rescue these girls and disband the group apparently responsible; whose name I refuse to give ink to on my pages. I fervently hope that Nigerians will unite, step up and increase again the pressure on the government to crack down hard. And I can pray, foremost for the girl’s safe rescue. But I also pray for Nigeria.
  • I think for me, I was running more toward than away from something. And a year ago, it sounded like such a great idea to get my ass up at 1 a.m. to do morning radio

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  • I am thrilled to welcome Adaora to the PBS team. Her expertise in emerging technologies, paired with her award-winning reporting and filmmaking experience, makes her particularly qualified to help guide our General Audience programming strategy. With her guidance, we will continue to build on PBS’s mission to develop and distribute content that meets the needs of audiences from diverse backgrounds.

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