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Adenike Adebukola Akinsemolu is a Nigerian Environmental sustainability advocate, educator, author and a social entrepreneur.Adenike Adebukola Akinsemolu is a Nigerian sustainability advocate, educator, author, and a social entrepreneur. She is a lecturer at Obafemi Awolowo University (Adeyemi College Campus). She is known as one of the country's leading experts on environmental sustainability.

Akinsemolu founded the Green Campus Initiative, which became the Green Institute. She founded the Girl Prize which provides financial and mentorship support for young Nigerian secondary school girls.

Akinsemolu has received the Robert Bosch Stiftung Award and the Nigeria Energy Award.

She is an author of papers published in academic journals, including on the role of microorganisms in achieving sustainable development goals.


  • There is nothing bad in adopting a new culture but when you see nothing good in your own culture and thinks the other culture is the norm, then something is wrong. I call it slavery of the mind.
  • We should care the most about the environment. That’s what the green on our flag symbolizes.
  • For me, it involves connecting more with nature. Going outside and stepping into nature. Experiencing its beauty and its importance. It is only when we appreciate alluring essence of Mother Nature, then, together, we would have the urge to make our planet great again.
  • Human relationships are not a zero-sum game if we need to be truly honest. We should often create a platform for negotiation and understand how to improve in our relationship.
  • The gift of life comes but once, and you have in a lifetime to accomplish all your dreams, visions, goals, and ambitions unapologetically. Remember, happiness comes in the fulfillment of these dreams, visions, goals, and ambitions.
  • Just start with what you have, and do it. Dreams begin from where you start. Even though ideas could be overwhelming and vague, unless you start with what you have and where you are, you may never clinch your aspirations.
  • Aside from being custodians of the environment, youths should understand the imminent threat of climate change on their collective futures. To manage what is unavoidable (adaptation) and avoid what is unmanageable (mitigation), youths must prioritise environmental studies as fundamental to their education.
  • When we become conscious of reducing waste from kitchens to households, and on the streets, it is only then they will realise the health, environmental and economic benefits of waste management.
  • Nigeria's approach to waste management (2020)
  • Global challenges like the coronavirus pandemic are real and should not be seen from a nationalistic perspective. While the coronavirus reminds us how fragile and unprepared we might be, the efforts deployed on a daily basis serve as a reminder of what we’re capable of when we work together towards a common goal.
  • Life is not a ten-speed bike where you can change to different gears and request for a spare.
  • The younger generations are agents of change and a bridge to a better future. This indeed is how I plan to shake things up- by equipping budding leaders with the requisite tools for growth.
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