Adolphe Tavernier

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Adolphe Tavernier in 1883

Adolphe Tavernier, born September 2, 1853 in Paris and died July 20, 1945 in Paris is a French writer, art critic, collector and journalist.


  • Our poor friend Sisley, alas! will not assist at the final triumph, which is near, and of which he has seen but the dawning : he is gone too soon, and just at the moment when, in reparation for long injustice, full homage is about to be rendered those strong and charming qualities which make him a painter exquisite and original among them all, a magician of light, a poet of the heavens, of the waters, of the trees — in a word, one of the most remarkable landscapists of this day.
    • As quoted in Burnley Bibb, The Work of Alfred Sisley, The Studio, December 1899,