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Adrian Newey, 2011

Adrian Newey (born 26 December 1958) is a British Formula One engineer. He is currently the chief technical officer of the Red Bull Racing Formula One team.


  • I love the drawing board because most of the work I do is of half scale, so I can have the complete car in front of me, whereas the CAD system limits you to the size of the screen.
    • Interview, 2013 [1]

About Adrian Newey[edit]

  • Adrian is the one that makes the car so fast. He really makes a difference.
    • Michael Andretti, 1986 [2]
  • Newey's a fantastic guy. His knowledge of car preparation is uncanny. He's a total engineer, not simply a guy who can draw lines. He's great out in the field because he totally understands setup; and he understands both oval and road courses. I'm amazed at his knowledge, especially when you look at his (relative lack of) experience.
    • Mario Andretti, 1987 [3].
  • Adrian is the best engineer I`ve ever worked with.
    • Mario Andretti, 1987 [4]

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