Adrian Tchaikovsky

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Adrian Tchaikovsky in 2021

Adrian Tchaikovsky (born June 1972) is a British fantasy and science fiction author.


All page numbers are from the trade paperback first edition, published by Tor, ISBN 978-1-250-76872-8
Nominated for the 2022 Hugo Award for Best Novella
  • Long-term thinking requires a clarity the natural human mind is not good at.
    • p. 41
  • He seemed dead, but perhaps “dead” meant something different. Perhaps it meant something less permanent.
    • p. 188
  • Just because I did good doesn’t mean I don’t feel bad, because the feeling bad, it’s not particularly because of anything that’s happened, it’s just the way I’m wired.
    • p. 195
  • I am nothing but a scientist of sufficiently advanced technology, which is to say a magician.
    • p. 197
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