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Adunni Bankole (March 1959 – 3 January 2015) was a Nigerian society matriarch and businesswoman. She was the Yeye Mokun of Owu kingdom, a city in Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State, southwestern Nigeria.

Quotes about Adunni Bankole

  • A society lady and Iyalode of Gbagura in Ogun State, Chief Mrs. Adunni Bankole, has passed on. [citation needed]
  • In life, the late Chief Adunni Bankole was always in the news for the good reason. The renowned Lagos socialite and Iyalode of Gbagura land in Abeokuta, Ogun State, lived a fulfilled life, even to the envy of some. But her death on January 3, 2015 was not only shocking but also dramatic-she died few hours before her daughter, Mopelola's wedding on that red-letter day. [citation needed]
  • Surprisingly, while the burial arrangements were being planned, little did the world know that there was a smouldering 'war' between her children and their father, Chief Alani Bankole, over the choice of the burial site.
  • Lagos society woman, Iyalode Adunni Bankole is one person who is always in the news. Remember that she is a trained journalist and this possibly explains why she is close to the media and why she is the darling of the media any day. She was in the news a few months back when she clocked 53 and shortly after that, she graduated from a Bible School where she bagged a degree in Theology. Many were surprised because she holds several Chieftaincy titles from Abeokuta, the capital of her home state, Ogun State, among which is the Iyalode of Gbagura, Owu, a title which has become synonymous with her name over the years.

adunni-bankole-completes-ikorodu-house/Nigeria: Untold Drama At Adunni Bankole's Burial]


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