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Advance Wars is a war strategy game (turned-based) video game series for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance and DS systems, and is a continuation of the Nintendo Wars series.

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin[edit]



  • ...
  • Where there is life, there is hope!


  • It's time for Waylon to do some whalin'!
  • Easy, brother man! I paid a lot for this haircut, and you're spittin' all over it. So how goes the charity work? Keeping busy making soup and handing out blankets?
  • Time out, Captain Courageous! You want Waylon to join forces with YOU? Listen to me now. I think you're a good man. I'll even give you a standing ovation. Clap, clap. But if you think I'm going to do charity work, you need to think again! I didn't survive the meteors just to risk myself fora bunch of chumps!


  • The weak disgust me.
  • That wasn't even worth the trouble.
  • Come on! At least fight back!
  • Enemy coordinates entered... now let's enjoy the show!


  • After countless failed experiments, I finally realized my ambition. I then used my own clones to further my research! Do you know what it is like to watch yourself die? ...It is FASCINATING!
  • What is life? It is merely a protein based mechanism built for energy consumption... It is nothing special really.
  • [You are all]...useless, abject failures!


Will: Captain Brenner? Can you give me any tips for the upcoming battle?

Brenner: Of course. I'd be glad to. Hold on one second... ...Blast! Now where did I put those...

Will: Did you lose something, Captain?

Brenner: Lin gave me some notes for this tactics session, but I can't seem to find them. Ah ha! Here they are! ...Oh, wait. That's just a drawing of a tank I made when I was bored...

Will: Um...Captain? Are you really getting all your strategy from Lin? Maybe you should keep that a secret from the rest of the troops...

Brenner: She's a natural teacher, Will. I'm just not much for that kind of thing. Yes! Here they are! OK, let's see what she has to say...

Brenner: Captain. Tell Will to quickly capture factories and cities. He needs to defend his foot soldiers with other units as they do so. The area southeast of the factory will make an ideal defensive perimeter. If the enemy swarms you, retreat to this area and regroup. And have him build an anti-tank unit for the enemy's war tank. That's it.

Will: Is that all?

Brenner: Yes, that's... Oh, wait a second. "P.S. Don't just read this to Will. Pretend you thought of it yourself". ...Damn.

Will: Sooooo... I'm in charge, but you're really in charge. Is that it?

Lin: Precisely. I know you lack military knowledge and all but the most basic tactical awareness. Right now, I'd only trust you with low-level military tasks. Like cleaning.

Will: Ouch! Geez, Lin, don't sugarcoat it for me or anything.

Lin: ...What? Too harsh? OK, hold on a second. OK, imagine that I'm a big car, and you're a little car. Now, when the big car--

Will: Stop. Please stop right now. I get it. Please don't talk to me like a little kid.

Brenner: Why don't you come down here so we can talk that over, Waylon?

Waylon: No thanks, brother man. My mama didn't raise no dummies. Why are you sticking your neck out like this anyway, Brenner? You think any of this makes a difference? I just don't get it.

Brenner: And you never will.

Waylon: Fine by me, brother man. Fine by me. Say, you remember what I said the first time we met? I TOLD you this responsibility gig would lead to an early grave.

Brenner: Better early to the grave than late to your own humanity, Waylon.

Waylon: Ain't that a thing. Almost makes me feel bad about what I'm gonna do. All units! Target Captain Brenner! Time to bag ourselves a hero!

Will: Lin? Uh, I mean, sir? Hello? ...Lin, is that you?

The Beast: Gwar har har! Guess again, loser!

Will: Eep! ...Wait, what are you doing here?

The Beast: Givin' tactical advice! What does it look like I'm doin'?

Gage: Tasha, we have to retreat.

Tasha: What? Why?! Call in reinforcements, Gage! I want to keep fighting!

Gage: Orders from General Forsythe.

Tasha: But...WHY?! Look at them! Those Rubinelle forces are lame ducks!

Gage: Tasha? It was a direct order.

Tasha: Dammit!

Gage: Calm down. There's no place for emotion on the battlefield. Stay cool, follow orders, and eliminate the enemy. That is all we have to do.

Tasha: Gya! I'll get revenge on all those Rubes! I swear it!

Lin: Let's see... Cooking... Well, to master the art of battlefield cuisine, you need to use whatever is at hand. ...Oh look! A rat! That's great. Today we'll make a rat stew.

Isabella: Rat...stew?

Lin: Yes. Rats are an excellent source of protein and vitamins.

Isabella: Um...OK. Well, I guess I'll try to... Ew! Please don't give that to me!

Lin: Now, while our rat is simmering, let's discuss the upcoming battle.

Cyrus: Father... When will your madness end?

Caulder: Eh? Do you have something to say, Son?

Cyrus: I know I am not human. I know that you made me in a lab. But I will no longer stand idly by and let you do this! You treat us like puppets! Toys to be used and broken and then discarded.

Caulder: My my, Cyrus, you are a perceptive boy. That's exactly what you are to me! A puppet! A plaything!

Cyrus: No! I am a person! I am real!

Caulder: In my youth, enormous progress had been made in the field of cloning. But while technically feasible, there was ethical resistance to the idea.

[Cutscene of a grinning Caulder]

Caulder: I rejected such pretty concerns and chose to clone myself!

Will: Y-you cloned yourself?

Caulder: After countless failed experiments, I finally realized my ambition. I then used my own clones to further my research! Do you know what it is like to watch yourself die? ...It is FASCINATING!

Will: You're insane!

Caulder: Do not interrupt! These clones were used to grow organs that could be transplanted into me. But then something went wrong... The clones began to...feel. They resented being used in such a way...and they fought back. After a brief, fierce war, only one cloned survived... AND I AM THAT SURVIVOR!

Will: But that means... Wait, you're--

Caulder: Yes. I am a clone. And I killed my creator!

Advance Wars: All games[edit]

Orange Star[edit]


  • Get the plates, 'cause you just got served!
  • You got dropped like a phat beat!
  • Owned.
  • We served Black Hole a hot bowl of smack down soup! WOOOOO!
  • [talking about the Megatank] If they can make a monster tank like that, Green Earth must be a freaky place.
  • Dude. You couldn't be more of a loser! You only care about yourself! You're not thinking about the land or anyone else. That kind of thing will only lead to your own destruction!
  • I'll tell you something, Sasha... No one will ever do this again. If some enemy appears and tries to wreck everything all over again... I won't lose. I will fight for the tiny life that has blossomed in this great land... ...Word.


  • Another one down... Who's next?
  • Don't take me lightly just because I'm cute!


  • Don't hate me just because I'm lucky!
  • Lady luck was with me!
  • Ha! Too bad for you!
  • ...And that's how it's done.
  • [before battling Lash] I do believe I'm being taunted. Sami? Bring her to me... alive.


  • I may be old, but I can still rumble!
  • Battles cost too much!
  • Rematches are free!
  • Thank you, come again!
  • Running away won't prove anything, soldier! Stand ground now!


  • Pass me my wrench!
  • I haven't even cranked the engine yet!
  • You're pretty tough! Let's fight again!
  • I can fix anything!
  • What's an airport, again?
  • [After Sami mentions Wars World's continents] Really? Continents?


  • You want to fight me? I'll pound you!
  • Check out these guns!
  • This'll be as easy as falling out of bed!
  • I'm just saying that people who don't know anything... don't know nothin'!
  • I'll crush you like a paper cup!


  • A commando never gives up...
  • Commandos always complete their mission.
  • Score one for the grunts!

Blue Moon[edit]


  • Let the winds of war bring snow!
  • I'll bury you!
  • All hail Blue Moon, my home sweet home!
  • For Blue Moon.... For the motherland!


  • Where's the fool who wants to help me with target practice!?
  • I wait like a snake in the grass... then I strike!
  • I hope this gets easier. That was harder'n college!
  • If ya want to hide a tree, stick 'er in a forest.


  • Take that, loser! ...Wow, that felt great!
  • People of Blue Moon, I need your help!
  • Money buys power!


  • Even kittens have claws.
  • Money is power.

Green Earth[edit]


  • My air force is invincible!
  • The Eagle soars above you!
  • Where's the challenge in that?
  • Try hitting the gym!
  • Death from above!
  • Speed is the lifeblood of battle.


  • The sea is my home.
  • Time to hit the beach...
  • I may be low-key, but I'm tough!


  • This battle will advance my tactical research...
  • It's nice to win, but I wanted to STOMP you!
  • A good CO knows her limitations...and I have none!


  • Away put your weapons! You shall not be needing them where you are going!
  • Charge into the toothy maw! For now is the time for a glorious hindspanking!
  • Your maidenfolk shall soon howl great lamentations!
  • This day shall be the greatest of days, unless tomorrow is even greater!
  • Foe, you are touched with madness if you seek to pierce my steely hide!
  • Mighty spire of communication, imbue my blade with stabby might!
  • No sharpness can penetrate my steely hide!
  • Consider your hindquarters righteously spanked!
  • You live still, for Javier is masterful but merciful!
  • Let us whack mightily upon our enemy as the oaken staff assaults an unwary pinata! All for the chocolaty treasures within!
  • Allow me to slap the foe with extreme prejudice!

Yellow Comet[edit]


  • Mercy has no place on the battlefield!
  • Observe the heart of a true samurai!
  • Listen to the foe from afar... Watch him up close.
  • I'm Kanbei, Yellow Comet's emperor!
  • On to the next fight! Wait... Where's my sword?
  • I shall deploy a mountain of troops!
  • I do not worry about that which MIGHT happen!


  • Get me some fresh intel, stat!
  • I must review my strategy.
  • That was too close.
  • I took more damage than I expected.


  • Hold on to your suspenders!
  • I'm getting cranky!
  • You put up a good fight! Your future is looking good.
  • Paratroopers, prepare to jump!
  • Ha ha! What a thrill! Wheeee!
  • I might retire soon... I wonder how my 401k is doing.
  • Looks like I still got it! Take that, whippersnapper!


  • You're about to enter a world of pain!!
  • Outta the way! I got crushin' to do!
  • Wanna throw down again? Oooh yeah!
  • Gwar har har! Hit the road, slick!
  • Fear the lightning!
  • I only know two ways to get to know a person: Fighting and eating. And believe it or not, I ain't hungry.

Black Hole[edit]


  • I've still got what it takes!
  • Graaa! Blaarrgggg! Smaaarrgggghhh!!
  • Crushing stuff's what I do best! You got a problem with that?!?
  • Grrrr! Two women COs! Good country! I must have it!
  • These bombers... They're indirect-combat units.
  • What was that? A waste of my time!
  • (To Max) Hah! Look! It's a gorilla!
  • You know, this Max guy kinda reminds me of me... except... I'm me.
  • But they can't fire on other air units. They're bombers. They bomb.
  • Yes! Here is Flak's power!
  • Why think when you can fight!?
  • Try this one for size!
  • I'm gonna smash you good!


  • Game over, freak!
  • Tee hee hee! You're a loser!
  • My huge brain made that way too easy!
  • Huh? That's all you got? Wow, you're no fun!
  • Everything's disposable. Everything! What's the point of having all this stuff if we don't get to break it!?
  • [talking about the Oozium] It's not even fun to poke!
  • That's why the bad guys always advance science... Because they're fearless!


  • A battle with me is a greater honor than you deserve!
  • My apologies. Should I have gone easier on you?
  • Heh heh heh... That's life for the weak...
  • Don't forget me now. That would be a shame.
  • The look of terror on your face... Is absolutely delicious!
  • Heh heh heh... Kneel before Adder!
  • Heh heh heh... What did you expect?
  • Heh heh heh...It only hurts for a moment.


  • You have inspired me to take action.
  • Will you sacrifice all? Then perhaps you can win...
  • Sad... you were no match for me.
  • There is no chance. My victory was assured.
  • [talking to Lash] I hope you understand just how strange you are.
  • [after shooting Von Bolt's chair when Jake refused to do so] To fight one must sometimes use another... It's a fitting role for me.
  • I still last job. Here we are. At the end of everything... And all I could do was take... I am no different than this old man... Jake... I wish I had met you...before.
  • To be defeated is to lose everything. Are you prepared for that outcome?
  • Victory goes to the better combatant. It's a simple truth.


  • ...
  • You've done nothing but enter the door that I opened for you.
  • Prepare to embrace darkness!
  • Fear is all you have left...
  • Burning earth!!!
  • Such power... I regret crushing it.
  • You are cannon fodder for my laser.
  • You conceited fool, did you truly think you could outsmart me?
  • So close, I was so close...
  • I underestimated the strength of these worms!
  • Hawke, come to me!
  • This time, I shall have a base and invade at my own leisure.
  • And here you are, cringing like a dog with its tail between its legs.
  • You shall know no mercy and no forgiveness, cur!


  • Kindle processor: 4 gigahertz and rising. Lash CPU: 486 in molasses.
  • Bolt Guard intent: smack-laying in a downward direction.
  • Enemy: prepare for mega hurtz.
  • Blue screen of death!
  • Victory; downloading party hat.
  • Victory dance initiated.
  • Jugger; superior. Enemy; lame.
  • Juggger must...ctrl+alt+del.
  • Jugger has no need for hair.
  • Kindle...genius. Kindle...beautiful... Abort! Abort!
  • Approaching system meltdown...
  • Enemy system purge initiated...


  • I have no equal on the field of war!
  • Wallow in your shame, swine! Wallow, I say!
  • Victory is no accident.
  • Such passion! Such bravado! We will twist them into abject despair!
  • I shall crush your units one by one!
  • I am a warrior and a scholar. My victory is all, but certain.
  • My speed knows no equal!


  • Let us play a more dangerous game, shall we? I grow weary of this.
  • Winning is almost as wonderful as I am. Aha ha ha!
  • I won again? This is getting so boring.
  • I am Kindle. Gorgeous AND clever!
  • Even the prettiest rose has thorns.

Von Bolt[edit]

  • No matter how powerful... hhh... you are, you're... hhh... still a worm on a hook...
  • Well... hhh... let me have a taste of your soul....
  • Hold still... hhh... I'm going to... hhh... suck the marrow from your bones.
  • The sweet scent... hhh... of destruction... It makes me... hhhh... feel young!
  • Predator... prey... hhh... I hunt them all...
  • Even death... hhh... fears me...
  • To to take...hhhh... How many plants...hhhhh...animals... Hhhhhh... Have you your life...? You...hh...and I... Hhhh... We are the same... Hhhhh... We take...hhh...that we might live...!

Character exchanges[edit]


  • Jake: Dude, Sweet tactics, Rachel!
  • Rachel: No, that was all you.
  • Jake: Hey, Rachel, we rule! Let's hit the clubs!
  • Rachel: You're a fast learner! You can barely keep up. Try harder.
  • Rachel: Don't underestimate Orange Star tactics!
  • Jake: And don't underestimate our COs, either!


Jake: We work pretty well together, eh, Jess?

Jess: It's a tank thing.

Jake: We'll crush them next time, too!

Jess: Indeed, Jake. I'm looking forward to it.

Jess: We're the best team ever for tank battles.

Jake: It's true. No one can match us.

Jess: I see... Results improve depending on your partner...

Jake: Yea, you're bomb, Jess.


Rachel: Not bad, huh, Sis? Whooo! Yeah! We rule! Yeah!

Nell: Exciteable, aren't you?

Rachel: Don't like facing sisters? You're just unlucky!

Nell: Weird... I feel a little guilty.

Nell: Huh. We won. Lucky us.

Rachel: Don't be such a downer, Nell. Smiling won't kill you!

Nell: Nice battle, Rachel. You earn a passing grade.

Rachel: I had a good teacher!


Hachi: Shop 'til you drop! Or until I drop you!

Sensei: Ha ha ha! You're such the businessman.

Hachi: We have to show up those kids.

Sensei: Yep. You've got that right!

Sensei: Well, that settles that.

Hachi: Nice win, Sensei! There was never any doubt!

Sensei: The next one is yours, Hachi.

Hachi: I'll make a good showing, you old coot!


Andy: Let's do it, Max!

Max: Yeah! We'll break their lines like toothpicks!

Max: I'll crush all enemies!

Andy: And I'll fix all allies!


Andy: Success! I'm ready for more! I can fight all day!

Eagle: Ha! Spoken like my true rival!

Andy: We won! Yippee!

Eagle: Naturally. Only I can beat me. And I never do.

Eagle: Someday, Andy, you and I should have a skirmish!

Andy: Go ahead--I'll win that one, too!


Andy: We won!

Hawke: Well fought. I can see why you beat me last time...

Andy: Hey, we're friends now! Come on, let's shake!

Hawke: Er... No. Trusting is hard.

Hawke: All too easy.

Andy: You call that easy?

Hawke: Perhaps you should join Black Ho--no. Never mind.

Andy: What? Come on, what? Now it's going to bug me.

Hawke: We will only use air and naval units. If you win, I will return this land to Orange Star.

Andy: Good. And if I lose, I will let Black Hole take possession of this land.

Hawke: Quite a generous offer... Considering that we already conquered it.


Max: I'll win next time, too!

Grit: You've got the big guns. Might as well use 'em.

Max: Grr! No one can stop me!

Grit: Fulla beans today, aren't you, Max?

Grit: With my indirect attacks and your direct power...

Max: Odd couples make the best teams!

Grit: That was harder'n whacking snakes with a bucket!

Max: ...A bucket???


Sami: Thanks for the support, Sonja!

Sonja: Let's do this again sometime.

Sami: Don't ignore us because we're girls!

Sonja: Our team is second to none.

Sonja: Our chemistry is fantastic.

Sami: Well, we go back a long way, I'm sure that helps.

Sonja: War isn't enough. You need to do well in school, too.

Sami: What? Boooring!


Sami: See, Eagle? I can totally help!

Eagle: It's true. Let's team up next time, too.

Sami: Success! Let's move out, Eagle.

Eagle: Don't worry. I've got your back.

Eagle: You stay here where it's safe. I've got this one.

Sami: Hey, I'm a CO, too! Don't be a jerk!

Eagle: Our victory is secured.

Sami: Ha! That's my Eagle!


Olaf: Come on, Grit! Put your heart in it!

Grit: Yessir, I'll try that, O Bearded One.

Olaf: Oh, Bluuuuue Moooooon... My home and native land!

Grit: ...Does he have to sing every time we win?

Grit: Hey, if you want to fight this one, I'll just nap...

Olaf: Grit! You little...!

Grit: If it snows, it's all you.

Olaf: Snow or rain or sun... I can handle anything!


Colin: If I lose, Sasha will flip out! She's so stressed!

Sasha: Did you say something?... I didn't think so.

Colin: H-how was that, Sis?

Sasha: Meh. Not great. I can do better.

Sasha: Say something clever, Colin.

Colin: Um... Don't mess with the best! Oh, that was lame.

Sasha: Our sibling bond can never be broken!

Colin: Yep! That's why we're the best.

Sasha: ...Achoo!
Colin: What's wrong, Sis? Are you catching a cold? Here, let me make you some hot chocolate.
Sasha: Oh, thanks. That would be nice...
Sasha: Don't forget the marshmallows.
Sasha: Or the cinnamon stick.
Sasha: Oh, and make sure it's hot! The last time it was kind of lukewarm.
Sasha: And use the snowman mug!


Eagle: You can take the next battle, Drake.

Drake: Maybe we'll fight on an ocean...

Eagle: This is the power of Green Earth!

Drake: That's right! Don't make us mad!

Drake: You're really tough, Eagle. You make me feel safe.

Eagle: What? Hey, don't be so weird. You helped too!

Drake: Whew! I was on pins and needles that whole time!

Eagle: Just as I thought... No one can beat us.


Jess: Our chemistry is pretty good, eh, 'Stache?

Javier: She loves me! Ah...

Jess: The enemy is no more. Let us move on.

Javier: How can one remain so cool in the heat of victory?

Javier: None can pierce my armor of justice

Jess: Don't overreach! Confidence can kill...

Javier: Your aid warms my soul, Dame Jess.

Jess: Just doin' my job.


Javier: Are my tactics of the pleasing sort, Sir Kanbei?

Kanbei: Stunning! I am in awe!

Javier: Chivalry is king!

Kanbei: And my sword is swift!

Kanbei: Javier, let's move on to the next battlefield!

Javier: Please, Sir Kanbei! Let me strike!

Kanbei: I shall cleave you in twain, with a single blow!

Javier: You are as good as your legend, Sir Kanbei!


Kanbei: On to the next battle! Yellow Comet... away!

Sonja: Father, wait! You forgot your sword!

Kanbei: I love you, Sonja! Do you hear, world? I love her!

Sonja: Father, stop! You're embarrassing me!

Sonja: I knew we would win. Didn't you, Father?

Kanbei: Indeed! Victory was a certainty.

Sonja: I can't keep relying on you. I must pull my weight.

Kanbei: My little girl... All grown up... Sniff...


Sonja: We did it, Lash!

Lash: I didn't do squat! Boo!

Sonja: Plan ahead, Lash. Slow and steady...

Lash: Stow it, professor!

Lash: Tee hee hee! I'm going to break everything!

Sonja: I don't understand why we work so well together...

Lash: Tee hee hee! Get to the junkyard, losers!

Sonja: ...Humble. I like that.


Sensei: This is what happens when you show me up!

Grimm: Bad mood! Oooh, yeah!

Sensei: You've gotten much better at fighting, Grimm.

Grimm: Gwar har har! I'm no greenhorn!

Grimm: Gwar har har! We smoked 'em!!

Sensei: Ha ha! Our victory was guaranteed!

Grimm: Oooh yeah! You entered Grimm's World of Pain!

Sensei: No need to involve me...


Flak: I have the power!

Lash: And I have the brains.

Flak: I envy you... Fight so many battles.

Lash: Stop your whining! Sheesh, what a wimp!

Lash: Tee hee! We win, Flak!

Flak: Grrr! Yeah! That was great!

Lash: Well, I took care of that... Where've you been?

Flak: L-leave me alone!


Lash: Are we, like, too strong?

Hawke: Don't get cocky. We must live to fight another day.

Lash: Next time I'll fight with one hand behind my back!

Hawke: Lash! No more games!

Hawke: Only the strong survive. That is Hawke's Rule!

Lash: And only the weak lose? Wow, you're a genius.

Hawke: ...Tired. Must... rest.

Lash: Haaaaaawke! Lemme have some fun, too!


Jugger: Preparing for battles... Processing... Processing...

Koal: Very well. The next one can be yours, too.

Jugger: Shutting down... Zzzz... Zzzz... Mommy...?

Koal: Are you OK, Jugger?

Koal: We are Kindle's men. Her loyal vassals.

Jugger: You and I equal salt and pepper... Bacon and eggs...

Koal: Jugger, tell me. What's inside your shell?

Jugger: Uh... Um... Er... Secret.

Koal: Come Jugger! The denizens of the deep are hungry, and I would feed them!


Koal: Heh heh heh... Other COs are soft...

Adder: Heh heh heh... Like cotton candy.

Koal: Heh heh heh... Hold nothing back!

Adder: Heh he... Hmm. Odd. That is my motto, too.


Koal: Our team is unrivaled.

Kindle: But I'm more talented.

Koal: I cannot tell a lie. You are a true beauty.

Kindle: Aha ha ha! Tell me more! Tell me I'm modest!

Kindle: Done? But I haven't even put my makeup on...

Koal: Your beauty and power have no equal.

Kindle: Ah ha ha! I am perfection itself!

Koal: So it would seem.


Kindle: Jugger! This is all your fault! Another performance like that and I'll have you melted down for shell casings!

Jugger: Jugger... ammo? Battle analysis indicates Kindle also lost. Kindle ammo also?

Jugger: Ready for... battle. Must go...all out.

Kindle: Jugger, darling, relax. You're far too serious.

Jugger: Jugger...wins. Kindle...wins. Initiating flexing.

Kindle: Aha ha ha! It was all thanks to me!

Kindle: Come on, Jugger. Give me some sugar.

Jugger: Kindle...beautiful. Kindle...brilliant.

Kindle: We won! Aha ha ha! Jugger, bring me some cake!

Jugger: Kindle eats... too much. Kindle will be...fat...


Flak: Hey! Orange Star dogs! Can you hear me?
Black Hole Soldier: Um... Lord Flak... the microphone?
Flak: Shut up! Too complicated!

Olaf: Who am I, you ask? Throughout Orange Star I was known as...
Andy: Nell's papa?
Olaf: That's right, Nell's... What? No! That's what I get for being nice to children! No respect! Grrr... You just watch yourself, little boy!

Eagle: Attention all units! Target that fortress and open fire!
Soldier 1: Oh no! Hold on Sir! This is no good! There are anti-aircraft units everywhere!
Eagle: What?! They knew we were coming... (What should I do? If we allow them to complete that fortress, Green Earth will suffer. If we press our attack, we might win, but the casualties will be enormous.)
Soldier 1: Commander! Lets continue with the attack.
Eagle: But...
Soldier 1: We're Green Earths strongest force. We cannot lose. That's what you always tell us, isn't it?
Soldier 2: He's right, sir. We won't be beaten by the likes of those Black Hole thugs. And we can't sit by and let them complete that fortress! We can't!
Soldier 3: Let's hit 'em Commander!
Soldier 4: C'mon sir!
Eagle: My soldiers... Alright, we proceed as planned. Aim for the heart of their offensive power, the minicannons. Lets give them a show of power they won't soon forget!

Sonja: Father, hold your attack!
Kanbie: Why, Sonja? The Black Hole army is about to lay siege to our cities.
Sonja: It's a trap. They're trying to lure us in.
Kanbie: But we can't just sit here!
Sonja: Why not? That city isn't at all important, strategically speaking.
Kanbie: Sonja! What are you? What are we?
Sonja: What are we? We're COs in the Yellow Comet army.
Kanbie: Correct. And COs do not sit idly by and watch their people be destroyed! Even if it's a trap. Even if it's not strategically important.
Sonja: Thats...
Kanbie: We are COs. It is our job to protect the people of Yellow Comet. Am I wrong?
Sonja: No, Father. I understand. Just be careful. I'm going to see if I can unravel this trap.

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