Adventure Time: Distant Lands

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Adventure Time: Distant Lands (2020–2021) is an animated streaming limited series produced by Cartoon Network Studios and Frederator Studios based on the Cartoon Network television series Adventure Time.



BMO: Ricky, you beast! Now go! Be free!
Ricky: My name is Twinkletoes.
BMO: Oh, okay.


(Princess Bubblegum and Marceline are slow-dancing together)
Bubblegum: I must look a real mess.
Marceline: Nuh-uh, you always look great after fighting a monster.
Bubblegum: (blushing) You think so? (she giggles and takes her hair out of its ponytail) This is nice, we never get to dance. You're always the one performing.
Marceline: I have a lot more songs I want to sing. Real sappy ones.
Bubblegum: Good. I've always loved your songs.

Together Again[edit]

Finn: Uh, Mr. Death?
New Death: [turns to Finn] Huh? How'd you get in here?!
Mr. Fox: Quick brown fox! [jumps off of Tiffany as he retreats]
New Death: Way to guard the castle, Mullet! [throws his soda can at Tiffany]

Finn: Anybody here? What deadworld this?
Choose Goose: You've reached deadworld the first, number one at being worst.
Finn: Choose Goose! You're here?
Choose Goose: I know, it's weird! Rhymes aren't crimes!

Wizard City[edit]

Bufo: Yes, I used to be a dark wizard. Many say the greatest dark wizard. Did I swim deep in the loomy gloom? Yes. Did I transcend the eight schools of magic? Yep. Did I throw Laser Wizard and Forest Wizard under the bus to buy my own freedom? Ehh. That's all in the past. And I'm not gonna talk about it. [beat] Okay, you know what? Let's talk about it.
Larry: Hey, we're here to learn some real wizardry, not hear your sad backstory!
[Bufo turns Larry into a rock]
Bufo: How do you like me now, Larry?

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