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The following is a list of quotes from the tenth and final season of Adventure Time.

The Wild Hunt [10.01]

Always BMO Closing [10.02]

Son of Rap Bear [10.03]

Finn: Rap Bear.
Flame Princess: What happened?
Rap Bear: (groans) My son and I were having Sunday dinner. We were lightly rapping back and forth. It turned into a rap battle. He threw out rhyme after rhyme. I couldn't keep up.
Finn: You got beat by your own son?
Flame Princess: Are his rap powers that much greater than yours?
Rap Bear: Yes. Why are you asking about my son?
Finn: Flame Princess is going up against him one on one in a freestyle battle.
Rap Bear: (gasps) That kid will take you apart. He rapped my legs off.

Bonnibel Bubblegum [10.04]

Seventeen [10.05]

Ring of Fire [10.06]

Marcy & Hunson [10.07]

The First Investigation [10.08]

Blenanas [10.09]

Jake the Starchild [10.10]

Temple of Mars [10.11]

Gumbaldia [10.12]

Come Along with Me [10.13-16]

Finn: FYI, Princess, I'm not going anywhere!
Jake: I'm also staying.

Marceline: This is a war I have to fight. We all have to.

[last lines of the series]
Shermy: Check it out, dude.
Beth: Very pretty. [Beth helps Shermy lift the sword out of the branch and Shermy looks at the sword after this] Lift that sword, Shermy.
Shermy: [lifts the sword] Aw yeah!

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