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Proverbs from all Afghan speaking parts of the world.

  • دو تربوز به یک دست گرفته نمی‏شود
    • Transliteration:Doo tarbuz ba yak dast gerefta na-mey-shawad.
    • Translation: You can't hold two watermelons in one hand.
    • English equivalent: You must not run after two hares at the same time.
    • Meaning: "Concentrate on one thing at a time or you will achieve nothing. - Trying to do two or more things at a time, when even one on its own needs full effort, means that none of them will be accomplished properly."
    • Source for meaning of English equivalent: Paczolay, Gyula (1997). "X". European proverbs: in 55 languages, with equivalents in Arabic, Persian, Sanskrit, Chinese and Japanese. Veszprémi Nyomda. p. X. ISBN 1-875943-44-7. 
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  • خواستن توانستن است
    • Transliteration: Khastan tawanistan ast.
    • Translation: Where there is a will, there is a way.
    • Parsi (2012). Limped. H\&S Media. 
  • شنیدن کی بود مانند دیدن
    • Translation: Hearing is never as good as seeing.
    • Saint (2002). Alexander's Riddle: An Afghan Mystery. Trafford on Demand Pub. p. 237. ISBN 1553952073. 

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