Africa Screams

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Title screen
Lou Costello as Stanley Livington and Hillary Brooke as Diana Emerson

Africa Screams is a 1949 film about two booksellers who search for diamonds in Africa, along the way meeting a visually-impaired gunner, a hungry lion, and a tribe of cannibals.

Directed by Charles Barton. Written by Earl Baldwin.
Abbott & Costello on the Silliest Safari Ever!  (taglines)

Buzz Johnson[edit]

  • [to Stanley] I'm going to make a hero out of you whether you like it or not.

Stanley Livington[edit]

  • That's the kind of girl I dream about. But you should see the ones I get.
  • I'm not afraid of nothing . Not even you. I'm a pretty brave kid. I don't care about kittens. I don't care how big the kittens are.


Buzz Johnson: You mean, you intend to take a trip to Africa?
Diana Emerson: Very differently, I'm planning a safari.

Buzz Johnson: I can't understand why you have this terrible fear of animals in you. What is it?
Stanley Livington: When I was a little baby I was scared by my piggy bank.
Buzz Johnson: That's nonsense.
Stanley Livington: You wanna hear something worse?
Buzz Johnson: What?
Stanley Livington: I was 15 years old before I ate my first animal cracker.

Buzz Johnson: [sees Harry with a glass of water] Where're you going with the water?
Harry: Oh my tent's on fire!

Stanley Livington: [while in Africa] So if I draw the map I can go home?
Buzz Johnson: What do you want to go home for?
Stanley Livington: I forgot something.
Buzz Johnson: What did you forget?
Stanley Livington: I forgot to stay there.

Buzz Johnson: Mr Livington, what about that raise I've been asking for?
Stanley Livington: I'll talk to my partner if he's in.
Buzz Johnson: Thank you, Sir.
Stanley Livington: He's in.


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  • Adventure Has Never Been Dizzier as Abbott & Costello Invade the Dark Continent!
  • A Zany, Hilarious Romp!
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  • LOOK what's cookin' in AFRICA!!


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