Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London

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Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London is an action comedy film and the sequel to the 2003 film Agent Cody Banks, and was released in the United States on March 12, 2004. The film takes place in London with Cody trying to recover a stolen software activating the government's mind control project.


  • You know what I hate about dentists? They always say something's not gonna hurt and it does. Me, I'm honest. Now this is gonna hurt.


  • Friends, enemies, they're all the same- trust equals death. Now go write that on your lunchbox.
  • You're friends with NOBODY when you're about to die!


[Metropolitan Police have picked Cody up and brought him in for questioning; a detective is waiting for him]
Inspector Crescent: Do you know who I am?
Cody Banks: No.
Inspector Crescent: I'm your worst nightmare. A limey, with a badge.
Cody Banks: A what with a badge?
Inspector Crescent: Who are you, Question Boy?
Cody Banks: Who's Question Boy?
Inspector Crescent: Answer the question, Question Boy. Question one- where did you get this stolen credit card?
Cody Banks: That's my Dad's! He gave it to me in case of emergencies.
Inspector Crescent: A likely story. Your 'dad'. What's that code for, then?
Cody Banks: My father?
Inspector Crescent: Listen, this can go one of two ways, you little wolly-
Cody Banks: Look, any second now that phone's gonna ring-
Inspector Crescent: Oh! Right! You're psychic now, are you?
Cody Banks: Yeah, that's it. I'm psychic. Any second now that phone's gonna ring, you're gonna pick it up, someone's gonna yell at you, you're gonna apologize and let me go.
Inspector Crescent: Right. Well, I'm feeling a little bit psychic today! And I say that that phone's not gonna ring. And I say you-
[The phone rings; Crescent slowly turns to look at it]
Cody Banks: I think that's for you.
Inspector Crescent: [Picks up the phone] Crescent, yes. [someone starts yelling at him] I'm interrogating him now. It's going very well. He's about to crack! I can tell! Right away, of course. [Hangs up, then looks at Cody] How did you do that? [Puts his hat back on] I... apologize.

Cody Banks: [after a drill] Sorry about the head kick, Frank.
Frank: No problem.
Diaz: Sorry, sorry, you don't apologize to your enemies.
Cody Banks: But Frank is my friend.
Diaz:Friends, enemies, they're all the same, trust equals death, now you go write that on your lunch box.
Cody Banks: Sir, you dropped you baseball. [throws it to him]
Diaz: Remember kid, trust no one, including me.

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