Ah Boys to Men

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Ah Boys to Men is a 2012–2013 Singaporean two-part comedy film.

Directed by Jack Neo. Written by Neo and Link Sng


  • (in Chinese) Hey, you may be full of shit but don't you throw it at me!
  • (in Chinese) Your girlfriend is like your rifle. You go everywhere with her and have fun shooting it in the starting but then you get bored. Throw it away when you are done with it.


  • My secret is no secret. My secret is no cigarette.

Aloysius' father[edit]

  • The best way to fight back is...don't do anything.


  • The "keng" evolution of an "Ah Boy" to a man.
  • Really "kena" left right centre this time.
  • Wake up your idea
  • Steady lah!
  • Are you a bunch of gu niang?


  • Joshua Tan – Ken Chow
  • Maxi Lim – Aloysius Jin
  • Wang Wei Liang – Lobang
  • Noah Yap – IP Man
  • Ridhwan Azman – Ismail
  • Aizuddin Nasser – Muthu
  • Tosh –sergeant Ong

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