Aisha Ayensu

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Aisha Ayensu in 2016

Aisha Ayensu is a Ghanaian award-winning fashion designer who is known to have designed outfits and stage costumes for Beyonce, Genevieve Nnaji, Jackie Appiah and Sandra "Alexandrina" Don-Arthur. She is the founder and Creative Director of Christie Brown, a Ghanaian fashion house.


  • Do you love it enough to want to plug through the hard times? Are you willing to persevere? What is the message you want to put across? Tell it the best way possible! Be patient, be grounded, know your craft – the success will come.
  • I believed in this dream, I knew it was what we needed in this part at the time and I was really inspired to go ahead and pursue my dreams.
  • We weren’t watered down, and looking at African design through a European prism was not the goal. It was about observing the diverse range of our work and the represented brands.

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