Ajaib Singh

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Ajaib Singh

Sant Ajaib Singh (Born September 11th, 1926 Maina, Bathinda district, Punjab, British India, died July 6th 1997) was an Indian Sant of the Surat Shabd Yoga spiritual path.


  • Our Satguru, Maharaj Kirpal Singh Ji, came into this world with the message of love, and He taught us to love. And even now we should work according to His message and teachings.
  • Salutations unto the Feet of Supreme Fathers, Almighty Lords Sawan and Kirpal, Who have had mercy on the poor souls. They showered Their grace upon the souls and gave them the gift of Their devotion...
  • Satsangis should never understand themselves as alone, and they should never feel that they are helpless and alone, because they are never alone; they are never helpless. The gracious hand of the perfect Master is on their head.
  • Of course, if you find someone who has meditated like my Master made me meditate, very happily you can take advantage of him. I am ready to help you in that case. Do not follow the false one; do not waste your life.

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