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Agnes in 2015

Akite Agnes (born 19 March 1983) is a Ugandan stand-up comedian, actress, MC, and philanthropist. She is popularly known for her role as Arach in the series The Hostel.



"Agnes Akite aka Arach on funny Ugandans" (2018)

Nantaba, Agnes. "Agnes Akite aka Arach on funny Ugandans". The Independent. 22 August 2018.
  • It’s funny how people think that we just jump on stage and start yapping yet we spend time preparing for the best show
  • I still get nervous at times for not knowing what kind or size of the audience to expect or even how they will receive you because it’s always a different reception
  • From his stories told with a tough face, everyone in the family is crazy in their own way, We are all comedians by nature because we find fun in almost everything.
  • My husband is part of my jokes and I have put him on stage sometimes; so he is supportive of my journey
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