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Hammam Ibn Ghalib Al-Tamimi, also known as Farazdaq (641–728) was a 7th-century Arab poet and orator.


  • If you do not know what death is, then look
    at Hāni' and Ibn 'Aqīl in the marketplace.
    Look at a hero whose face the sword has covered with wounds
    and another who fell dead from a high place.
    The command of the governor struck them down,
    and they became legends for those who travel on every road.
    You see a corpse whose color death has changed
    and a spattering of blood that has flowed abundantly,
    A young man who was even more bashful than a shy young woman
    yet was more decisive than the polished blade of a two-edged sword.
    Is Asmā' riding in peace a mount that moves at walking pace
    While Madhhij seeks vengeance against him?
    All Murād throng around him. Each one of them,
    whether a questioner or a questioned, is apprehensively watchful.
    If you don not avenge your two brothers,
    then be harlots, satisfied with little.

Conversation with Husayn ibn Ali[edit]

  • You have asked one who knows. The hearts of the people are with you, but their swords are with the Banu Umayyah. The decision will come from heaven, and Allah will do what He wishes.

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