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Aladdin is a 2019 American musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Pictures about a kind-hearted street urchin and a power-hungry Grand Vizier who vie for a magic lamp that has the power to make their deepest wishes come true. It is based on the 1992 version from One Thousand and One Nights.

Directed by Guy Ritchie. Written by John August and Guy Ritchie.
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  • If you don't have anything, you have to act like you own everything.

Princess Jasmine

  • I was born to do more than marry some useless prince.


  • If I was gonna talk to myself, I could have just stayed in the lamp.


  • Another petty insult from that small-minded fool. He sees a city where I see an empire. Once that lamp sits in my hand... then I shall sit on his throne.

The Sultan

  • I feared losing you, like I lost your mother. All I saw was my little girl, not the woman you have become. You've shown me courage and strength. You... are the future of Agrabah. You... shall be the next Sultan.


  • If you had to marry a useless prince, you could certainly do worse than this one. He's tall and handsome, and yes, he's a little dim, but you're just getting married. It's not like you have to talk to him... but you'd prefer that boy from the market.


  • I am loyal to my Sultan, as you should have been. The law is the law.


  • Second! Uh-oh! Who's in trouble now?


Jafar: [mimics the Sultan] "Remember your place, Jafar."
Iago: Remember your place.
Jafar: If I hear that one more time...
Iago: Sorry, Master.

[Aladdin rubs the lamp and the Genie comes out of it]
Genie: Oh, great one who summons me! Terrible one who commands me! I stand by my oath-- Loyalty to wishes three!
[Aladdin stares in awe at the Genie]
Genie: I said, oh, great... Excuse me. Boy, where's your boss? Help me out here, where's your boss?
[Aladdin stays silent, still in awe at the Genie]
Genie: If I was gonna talk to myself, I coulda just stayed in the lamp. Hello!
Aladdin: Um...
Genie: Use your big boy voice.
Aladdin: I'm talking to a smoking blue giant?
Genie: No! I am not a giant. I am a genie! There's a difference. Giants are not real. Where's your boss?
Aladdin: Um, my boss?
Genie: Look, kid, I've been doing this a long time, all right? There's always a guy, you know. He's cheated somebody or buried somebody or... I mean, you get my point. Where's that guy?
Aladdin: I know that guy. He's outside.

Cave: Only one may enter here. One whose worth lies far within. A diamond in the rough.

Aladdin: [sees Abu looking the ruby] Abu! NO!
[The inside of the cave starts to rumble]
Cave: You have touched the forbidden treasure! Now you will never again see the light of DAY!!!

Sultan: [after Aladdin breaks Jafar's staff from his spell] What happened?
Aladdin: He had you under his spell.
Jafar: He's not to be trusted. Your Majesty.
Aladdin: He wants your throne.
Sultan: Jafar, you were my most trusted advisor! Hakim! Put him in the dungeon!
[Hakim and his guards take Jafar away and lock him in the dungeon]
Jafar: You should think about how quickly the sands of power shift in the storm, Hakim.
Hakim: I am loyal to my sultan. As you should have been. The law is the law.

Genie: So, you got the girl. I mean, trust me, I had my doubts after your whole jam debacle. But, you pulled yourself back together a little bit.
Aladdin: I did, didn't I? I think I finally got the hang of being a prince.
Genie: Oh, well, that's not exactly what I meant...
Aladdin: But you were right. People see what they want to see. Aladdin is gone. I'm Prince Ali now.
Genie: Wow. Got it all figured now, huh, kid?
Aladdin: And you know, I was thinking about my last wish, and I just...I can't do this without you. I know I told you I'd use it to set you free, but you heard the Sultan. I can't let everything that we've worked for fall apart.
Genie: [hurt] So... you just never tell her the truth? You're gonna keep living the lie?
Aladdin: It's not a lie. People can change.
Genie: Heh, oh they can change, all right.
Aladdin: [angry] And that's a bad thing? Everything's better now. No one got hurt. You'd rather me be back on the streets stealing to survive? I... thought you'd be happy me. But all you cared about was that I use my last wish to set you free.
Genie: [shocked] Wow. Kid, I don't care nothin' about that wish. This is about you. What's happening to you. You'd rather lie to someone you love than give all this up.
Aladdin: You don't get it, Genie. People like me don't get anything except by pretending.
Genie: I think, maybe, you don't get it. The more you gain by pretending, the less you're actually gonna have. In 10,000 years, I have never once, ever... called a master a friend. I broke the rules for you. I saved your life… and for what? You are breaking my heart here, kid. You're breaking my heart. [goes back inside his lamp]
Aladdin: Genie, no. Hey, come on!

[Aladdin rushes into the palace to grab the lamp.]
Iago: Prince Ali!
[Jafar freezes Aladdin in place]
Jafar: If it isn't our Prince Ali.
Jasmine: Ali!
Jafar: Or should I say... [teleports Aladdin in front of without and removes his prince outfit] ...Aladdin?
Jasmine: [shocked] Aladdin?
Jafar: He's been pretending the entire time. An imposter. There is no Prince Ali. There never was. He's nothing but a lying thief.
Aladdin: I'm sorry.
Jafar: You're insignificant. An irritation I no longer need to tolerate, once, I ensure your agonizing death by...banishing you to the ends of the earth. [teleports Aladdin and Abu to the snowy ends of the earth]
Aladdin: NO!
Jafar: I could simply kill you all. But that would be inadequate repayment for years of humiliation and neglect. "Remember your place, Jafar." "You forget yourself, Jafar."
Sultan: Jafar.
Jafar: No. What you need, Baba, is to suffer. Like I have suffered.

Jafar: As the old man said, "You should have left Agrabah when you had the chance." I told you before to think bigger. You could have been the most powerful man in the room. But now, I hold the lamp. I hold the power.
Aladdin: You can’t find what you’re looking for in that lamp, Jafar. I tried and failed, and so will you.
Jafar: You think so? But I am Sultan! I am the greatest sorcerer the world has ever seen. I will create an empire that history cannot ignore. I can destroy cities. I can destroy kingdoms. And I can destroy you.
Aladdin: True. But who made you a sultan? Who made you a sorcerer? There will always be some thing, some man, some being more powerful than you.
Genie: What are you doing?
Aladdin: Genie gave you your power, and he can take it away.
Jafar: He serves me.
Aladdin: For now. But you'll never have more power than the Genie. You said it yourself. You're either the most powerful in the room, or you're nothing. You'll always be second.
Iago: Second. Second. [squawks, then cackles]
Jafar: Second?! Only second?! He serves me! I will make sure no one will ever say these words again! Genie, for my final wish, I wish to become the most powerful being in the universe! More powerful than you!
Genie: A lot of gray area in that wish. But, uh, the most powerful being in the universe, coming right up!
[Genie transforms Jafar into a genie]
Jafar: [laughs maniacally] The most powerful in the universe! At last! Second to no one! And I thought I had power before! First, I'll lay waste to those fools in Sherabad. [tries to use his magic to attack Sherabad, his shackles instantly appear] What have you done to me?
Aladdin: I haven't done anything to you, Jafar.
Jafar: What have you done to me?!
Aladdin: This was your wish, not mine. A genie might have phenomenal cosmic powers...
Genie: But an itty-bitty living space. You see, a genie - without a master - goes back in their lamp.
[Jafar's own lamp appears and starts to suck him inside]
Jafar: I will not forget you, boy! Mark my words. I will not forget what you have done to me!
Iago: Goodbye, Jafar!
Jafar: PARROT, YOU'RE COMING WITH ME! [he grabs Iago as he gets sucked into his lamp]

Aladdin: Okay.
Genie: Last wish.
Aladdin: Genie.
Genie: I'm ready, hold on, here we go...
Aladdin: I wish...
Genie: Third and final wish.
Aladdin: I wish… to set you free.
Genie: ...What? [his magical cuffs unlock and dissolve away, and he becomes human] Wait. Am I...? Uh, tell-tell me to do something.
Aladdin: Uh... get me some jams.
Genie: ...Get it yourself? [nothing happens] Get your own jams! [Aladdin embraces him] Thank you. Thank you.
Aladdin: No. Thank you, Genie. I owe you everything.

[last lines]
Jasmine: Stop, thief! Your sultan commands it!
Aladdin: Sultan? Does that mean I'm in trouble?
Jasmine: Only because you got caught.
[they kiss]


  • Choose wisely.
  • The magic comes to life
  • On May 24 comes a rags to wishes story.


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