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Alakshmi (Devanāgari: अलक्ष्मी) is the elder sister of Lakshmi and the Hindu goddess of misfortune. She is also the second wife of Kali, the male demon who is the reigning lord of the Kali Yuga.

Quotes about Alakshmi[edit]

  • Though in Bengal and Orissa, some say, Alakshmi is visualized as an owl seated beside Lakshmi, Alakshmi is a secret goddess, invisible to all. The only way to see her is to have Saraswati, goddess of knowledge and good sense by your side. But Lakshmi will never let Saraswati stay in the same house as her. She will go wherever there is Saraswati and kick her out, making room for Alakshmi. Why does she do that, one wonders. But then one is told that Lakshmi is a whimsical goddess, she does not like to stay in one place too long. By kicking Saraswati out and by getting Alakshmi in, she ensures there is a fight in the house and when there is a fight, wealth invariably moves out of a house.

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