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Albert Chevalier in 1895

Albert Chevalier (21 March 186110 July 1923) was an English comedian, actor and songwriter.


  • We was as ’appy as could be that day
    Down at the Welsh ’Arp, which is ’Endon way.
  • We've been together now for forty years,
    An' it don't seem a day too much,
    There ain't a lady livin' in the land
    As I'd "swop" for my dear old Dutch.
  • Wot cher! all the neighbours cried,
    Who yer gonna meet, Bill,
    Have yer bought the street, Bill?
    Laugh! I thought I should've died,
    Knocked 'em in the Old Kent Road.
  • She wears a artful bonnet, feathers stuck upon it,
    Coverin' a fringe all curled;
    She's just about the sweetest, prettiest and neatest
    Doner in the wide, wide world!
    And she'll be Missis 'Awkins, Missis 'En'ry 'Awkins,
    Got 'er for to name the day;
    Settled it last Monday, so to church on Sunday,
    Off we trots the donkey shay!

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