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Alberto Assa (Istanbul, 6 May 1909 – Barranquilla, 13 March 1996) was an Ottoman educator, translator and humanist of Sephardi descent.


  • Por haber nacido a orillas del Bósforo, soy bizantino de nación, pero francés de educación, alemán de formación, español de vocación, catalán de corazón, canario de añoración, y ahora barranquillero de adopción y afición.
    • Being born on the banks of the Bosphorus, I'm Byzantine by nationality, but French by education, German by training, Spanish by choice, Catalan at heart, fron the Canary Isles sometimes, and now becoming someone from Barranquilla by adoption and affection.
    • Document from the University of Cartagena, p. 23 Found as PDF online

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