Aleksey Mozgovoy

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Aleksey Mozgovoy

Aleksey Mozgovoy (1975 – 2015), was the commander of Prizrak Brigade in Lugansk People's Republic.


  • Don't fear for your life, fear for your honor.
    • In Russian: Не бойся за шкуру, бойся за честь.[1]
  • [Discussing the political situation in Lugansk People's Republic]: Today, there is no [legitimate] power - but a dictatorship. But not a military dictatorship and not the proletarian dictatorship. This is the dictatorship of the directors from former times.
    • In Russian: На сегодняшний день, власти нет – есть диктатура. Но не военная и не пролетариата. Диктатура постановщиков из прежних времён.[2]
  • I am a human. People are with me.
    • In Russian: Я – Человек. Со мной Народ.[2]
  • [Criticizing the authorities of Lugansk People's Republic]: All who rose up here - rose up for the justice and supremacy of the PEOPLE! In the end, both sides got the same - murder.
    • In Russian: Все, кто поднимался здесь – поднимался за справедливость и главенство НАРОДА! В итоге, что одна, что другая сторона, получили одно – убийство.[2]
  • [Talking about Euromaidan and referring to his opponents, the Ukrainian armed forces]: A year ago, many of you sincerely believed in the destruction of the oligarchic power and in the return of its dignity to the people. As a result, other thieves came to the place of some thieves - more bloodthirsty.
    • In Russian: Год назад, многие из вас искренне верили в разрушение олигархической власти и в возвращение народу его достоинства. В итоге, в место одних воров пришли другие – более кровожадные.[2]

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