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Alexandra Rojas (born February 25, 1995) is an American activist and political commentator who is the executive director of Justice Democrats. She has provided political commentary on CNN.


  • We must set the precedent for justice and accountability before fascists do.
    • [1], Twitter (January 6, 2021)
  • "They are waging a battle for the soul of America, and for the soul of the Democratic Party"
    • [2] on democratic party
  • "Through this job, I’ve realized nobody actually knows what they’re doing. So that gives me a lot of comfort"
  • "We want to add to the majority and make sure that everyone in a blue district is an actual champion"
    • [4] describing the recruitment process for JD as part art, part science.
  • "When we have a full democracy where closer to a hundred percent of the population votes, then I will believe that we truly do not have a majority of people backing our ideas"
    • [5] on democracy
  • "We need to build a mission-driven caucus in Congress who will hold whoever is in charge accountable to the best the Democratic Party can be"
    • [6] on democratic party
  • "Our generation can't afford for anything less than putting forward an actual plan to fix America and not just responding to the Republicans"
    • [7] on defeating Trump
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