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Alfredo Maria Bonanno (born 1937 in Catania) is a theorist of contemporary insurrectionary anarchism.


  • The rebellion of the exploited is never terrorism.
    • "Of the Terrorism of Some Idiots and Other Matters" (1979)

And We Will Still Be Ready to Storm the Heavens Another Time (1984)[edit]

Full text online at Anarchist Library
  • We insistently reaffirm that the use of organized violence against exploiters, even if it takes the form of minoritarian and limited action, is an indispensable instrument in the anarchist struggle against exploitation.
  • We are all responsible for our dream of storming the heavens. We cannot turn ourselves into dwarves now, after having dreamed, elbow to elbow, each feeling the others' heartbeats, of attacking and overthrowing the gods. This is the dream that makes power afraid.
  • The reduction of class war to a mere military confrontation carries within it the logical conclusion that, if we undergo a military defeat on this terrain, the class war ceases to exist as such. From this we come to the not just theoretical but practical absurdity that in Italy today, after the defeat of the combatant organizations, there is no longer an actual class war.

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