Ali ibn Isa al-Kahhal

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The first page of Tad̲h̲kirat al-Kaḥḥālīn manuscript by al-Kahhal.

ʿAlī ibn ʿĪsā al-Kahhal (fl. 1010 AD), surnamed "the oculist" (al-kahhal) was the best known and most celebrated Arab ophthalmologist of medieval islam. He was known in medieval Europe as Jesu Occulist.


  • I am very much worried about the prisoners. Their large numbers and the condition of prisons make it certain that there must be many ailing persons among them. Therefore, I am of the opinion that they must have their own doctors who should examine them every day and give them, where necessary, medicines and decoctions. Such doctors should visit all prisons and treat the sick prisoners there.

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