Alice von Hildebrand

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Alice M. von Hildebrand, (11 March 1923 – 14 January 2022) was a Belgian-born American Catholic philosopher, theologian, lecturer, author, and former professor. Von Hildebrand is also the second wife of Dietrich von Hildebrand.


  • Stalin, soon after he came to power, ordered his cronies to invade Catholic seminaries (...) with young men that had neither faith nor morals. Now (...) the ideal cases: homosexual. Obviously, you don't suppose that someone (...) well, it's much more complicated, you know, to have an affair with a woman. But if you're a homosexual, and then it was a tragic mission (...). [Dodd] declared publicly — I repeat, publicly — that in the course of the 20 years of activities for the Communists, she recruited some 1,100 young men.