All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series

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All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series is an animated television series. It is set after All Dogs Go To Heaven and a film sequel.

Season 1[edit]

The Doggone Truth [1.1][edit]

Annabelle: Charles! This is the last good deed you'll ever mess up.
Charlie: Annabelle, it wasn't my fault.
Annabelle: I understand... the double chili cheeseburger made you do it.
Charlie: That fits... that's right.
Annabelle: (poking Charlie) You need more training.
(Off-screen, Annabelle's robe changes to a sergeant-type jacket and she, holding a club in her hand, taps her foot, and throws her halo to the dogs. Itchy catches it.)
Annabelle: (putting a soldier's helmet on her head) Attention! (Charlie and Itchy stand straight) Angel 3rd-class Barkin, your status is deplorable! (a map of San Francisco) Mission 4-niner-bravo: "Helping Old Dog Cross Street". (An X appears where Annabelle pointed her stick on the map) You never showed up.
Charlie: I overslept.
Annabelle: (sniffs Charlie) Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire! (a lightning bolt strikes Charlie)
Charlie: Hey!
Annabelle: Assignment 7-0-tango: "Return Kid's Missing Milk Money" (another X appears) You spent it on a movie and double popcorn.
Charlie: I was framed.
Annabelle: (sniffs Charlie) Oh, that's a good one! (Charlie moves away, a lightning bolt strikes Itchy)
Itchy: Ow! That smarts! Ow, ooh! Charlie! (Charlie begins to laugh, another lightning bolt strikes him)
Annabelle: (snaps fingers) At ease. (her military outfit turns back into her robe, and her halo is back over her head) Now, if you want to stay on Earth, you have to do a good deed. A real good deed. Until you do, I'm putting you on probation. (flushes Charlie and Itchy back to Earth) Dismissed!

Sasha: Get your paws off me! (Carface and Killer kick her out) A gentlemen would never treat a lady like this.
Carface: But who said you were a lady?
Killer: Or that he was a gentleman?! (laughs, Carface slaps him on the face) Ow!
Carface: Shut up!
Charlie: Sasha! What happened?
Sasha: Carface came and suggested some "improvements" for the club.
Charlie: Like what?
Sasha: Like kicking me out! He stole my place, Charlie.
Charlie: That jerk! If only I'd been here!
Sasha: Where were you?
Charlie: (trying to lie) There was this fire at the zoo, and I had to ice down the penguins!
(Because this was a lie, and lying is bad, a lightning bolt strikes Charlie, who flips back in front of a small, round, cracked mirror)
Annabelle: (off-screen) Charles. (Charlie looks into the mirror and then she appears in the mirror) You're on probation. You can't do, think, or say anything bad. That includes fibbing. Bye-bye. (vanishes)
Charlie: (to an arriving Sasha) Okay. The truth is, I was buying this cheeseburger, and it turned out that Killer was the vendor...(realizing) Of course! Carface! That creep...Got us in trouble, so we'd be out of the picture!

Killer: You always was a sucker for the ladies, boss. (Carface punches him on the head) Ow!
Carface: Never call me "sucker."

(After Charlie and Itchy have finished helping Sasha get her diner back the way it was, Annabelle appears in place of Charlie's reflection.)
Annabelle: Charles.
Charlie: (surprised) Whoa. Annabelle? Sneak up on a guy, why don't you?
Annabelle: Congratulations. That's not quite what I meant by "good deed," but you're off probation, angel. For now, anyway. Uh-huh.
(Annabelle blows Charlie a kiss, and then when Charlie looks again, she vanishes and his reflection comes back.)
Sasha: Oh, everything's back the way it was.
Itchy: Well, not everything. (removes his cap, revealing that his "Chi-Chi" wig is still on.) Got any glue remover?
(Both Charlie and Sasha laugh with amusement)

Field Trip [1.2][edit]

Itchy: Three? Whatever happened to one and two?

[after Teddy runs off as a dog]
Annabelle: Charles, he could get into a lot of trouble as a dog.
Charlie: That was the whole point.
Annabelle: Oh, you're hopeless. [runs after Teddy] Teddy! Wait!
Charlie: Oh, my aching halo. Wait up, Annabelle!

Lance, the Wonder Pup [1.3][edit]

Sasha: Charlie B Barkin! What did I say about taking a bath with the puppy?!
Charlie: Me? Oh no, Sasha! I can explain! I-No!
(She hits Charlie's stomach before running to her room. Charlie gets up)
Itchy: Are you okay Charlie?
Charlie: Yes, itchy, I'm fine.
Itchy: What happened to Sasha?
Charlie: She was angry at me for taking a bath with Lance The Wonder Pup.
Itchy: Who is Lance?
Charlie: She is an orange puppy with black dots with a blue spotted fur coat and she has a purple tongue a purple tongue? Yeeech! And she has a nose a white nose itchy bops his nose.
Itchy: We have something to tell you, a black Labrador walked past me and said that Lance would be planning a halftime show what halftime show? You know a wonder pup show she is going to open a TV show after a halftime show!
Charlie: Oh boy! I got to go tell Sasha! Sasha! Sasha! Come out of your room!
Sasha: Charlie! I'm not going to say this again! Get away from-
Charlie: Lance is performing a halftime show and she's is performing a TV show!
Sasha: I'm not coming!
Charlie: What why not?
Sasha: I need to watch over my puppies!
Charlie: Go ahead! Go ahead and laugh!
(Sasha walks quietly to her room)
Itchy: So how did it go Charlie?
Charlie: I yelled at her to go ahead and laugh! Come on, let's go!
(The scene changes to Lance barking)
Itchy: Finally, made it! Hey Lance, may I join on the show?
Lance: You can't, but you can watch from down there!
Itchy: Really? Thank you, Lance!

Puppy Sitter [1.4][edit]

Charlie: Hey, there bea-utiful. Care for a ride?
Sasha: Oh, hello, Charlie. (more happily) Hi, Itchy.
Itchy: (chuckles, while pulling a hand cart with Charlie in it) Hi, Sasha.
Charlie: So what do you say? You and me? A romantic ride through the park? Hmm?
Sasha: (sighs) Charlie, there is no "you and me." I'm looking for a sensitive dog.
Charlie: I'm sensitive.
Sasha: (angrily) How can you say that when you use your best friend as a pack mule?
Charlie: Oh, Itchy, doesn't mind, do you, pal?
(No answer, as there's about to be a problem)
Charlie: Uh, Itch? You wanna slow down a bit?
(They're going too fast because of a slope in which Itchy cannot stop.)
Sasha: Okay, I'll see you around, boys.

Sasha: (angrily to Charlie, upon overhearing him imply that he didn't really care about a particular puppy) Charlie Barkin! You are the most selfish, manipulating, insensitive mutt I've ever had the displeasure to know.
Charlie: Wait. Wait. I can explain.
Sasha: Using a tiny puppy just so you can impress a woman! Well, let me tell you, buster! I am not impressed!
Charlie: (stammering) Oh, But I, I, I...
Sasha: I guess you were never a puppy, were you? Never helpless. Never scared and alone?
Charlie: Well, uh, I never thought of it that way.
Sasha: (off-screen, sarcastically) Good night, Charlie Barkin!
Charlie: Wait. Sasha. You're right! I've been a jerk! I'm... (trips on a cart) I'm sorry.
Itchy: Charlie? You okay?
Charlie: I'll be better when we find that puppy.

Dogs in the House [1.5][edit]

Cyrano de Barkinac [1.6][edit]

Itchy: (chatting with the muddy Bess) I'm sorry. It's these darn short legs. You know, as a puppy, I once ran away from home. A week later they found me at the end of the driveway. (laughs) Ba-rump-bum. (chuckles)
Bess: (giggling) Oh, Itchy. You're such a hoot.
Itchy: Uh, a hoot? Oh, like an owl!
(Bess laughs)

Itchy (looking a Bess's "Wall of Fame") "Winifred... Bessime... de Winkerville"? Wow. Some pedigree pooch.
Charlie: Maybe Bess is her ugly... (stops at an angry look from Itchy) ...I mean, unfortunate cousin.

Charlie: (surprised) You're "Winifred Bessime---"?
Bess: "Bess" for short.
Charlie: Well how 'bout that, Itch? "Bess" is short, too.

(Charlie is advising Itchy on how to treat Bess "It's Gotta Come from the Heart".)
Charlie: (singing) You need class!
That's no foolin'!
She might pass
If you're droolin'
Don't give it all away to start.
You need flash
When you're struttin'
And panache,
But that's nuttin'!
To get the girl is a subtle art.
You got to show her
That you're enchanting!
Let her be the one that's panting!
Take it from me!
You're not barking up the wrong tree!
And when it feels right,
Then don't delay it!
Just be dogged in how you say it.
Right from the start,
It's gotta come from the heart.
Maybe you'll win 'er
By taking her to dinner
Munching on bones and brie.
Bring her a flower
And really bow-wow 'er
With some lovesick poetry.
And when the conversation's dragging,
You've got to set her whole world wagging.
When push comes to shove,
To get a newly shown love...
You've got to give her
Something precious
It's the pause
that refreshes.
Right from the start,
It's gotta come from the
Right from the start.
Not just a part of you.
Right from the start,
It's gotta come from the heart.
Right from the heart.

Bess: What would you say if I told you I was the fastest Cocker Spaniel in my class?
(Itchy gulps and sweats, momentarily deprived of Charlie's prompting)
Charlie: (playing a card game) You're bluffing.
Itchy: (repeating Charlie's "prompt") You're bluffing!
Bess: Okay, so I was the second fastest.
(Dog playing cards with Charlie throws down his hand in frustration)
Charlie: Ha ha! I knew it! You can't con a master.
Itchy: Ha. I knew it. You can't con a master.
Bess: (offended) Well, then I guess I'd better practice some more. Good day! (walks off in a huff)

An Itch in Time [1.7][edit]

Charlie: as a friend, I'm deciding to marry Sasha..... Itchy: that wouldn't have been an idea listen I made my good invention! Charlie: just let me take a handful of cranberries. (Eating a handful of cranberries making some dog crunching sounds) Itchy: it's my dog time machine! Charlie: Oh no. She's coming quick you got to go! What the?! ay! Sasha: Charlie come down here I got my makeup done. (Charlie staring at her lips) okay okay you got a little bit of clumsy here but- Charlie you said you were going to have a wedding with me! Charlie: what?! This takes me into a big attitude! (Sasha stomping her feet) How about this? I poked my little head out and then I see a tiny little caterpillar! Itchy: Charlie The Time Machine! oh! I will be right back... (Grabbing Charlie's neck) You're right! I've been a jerk! I am- (Trips on a cart) Sorry! Great it would be better if I wouldn't have been a puppy Itchy: I got an idea Oh come on! (Itchy now singing) Oh become a good dog for goodness sake Turn down some barbecue and a now good pate! (Charlie now singing) Take it from the top and I don't know how you stop because we're two of a kind! Take it from the top! Taking to the Box! And you are now in loveeeeee! (Together now) And we'll always be together but it will last forever.... Till we And me Get marrieddddddddd! (Each other kiss) blah! blah! (Grabs a clean wipe then Start swiping with it) blah! Blah! blah! Disgusting! Well, then, time to go to the wedding! Woohoo!

Mission Im-paws-ible [1.8][edit]

Itchy: do you want to go get something to eat o'Charlie? Yeah but first I need to start my mission What is a mission anyway? It's a mission where you get to do doggy things although it sounds boring- Well sorta Charlie wait before you start your mission, I want you to do things for me Flo needs my help to watch over her puppies Doing my special mission is dismissed [Charlie Bops him on the head] OW! You may be having a lot more minutes if you haven't followed carface and got beaten up last week! Yep So what do you have? have we made the decision?: becoming undismissed or being dismissed? I think we had made the understanding Okay now can I begin my mission? I have to search for Annabelle's lost ring It's a diamond kind with some gold with sparkles and a blue diamond ring I'm going to go unconscious


[Itchy goes up in the air that is nowhere to be seen] Charlie:whew! I will be dog-boned! Now time to start my secret mission There is no Envy Titian With nowhere to be gone I'll be a dog hero What does this moment, Have to be? In the search, For a lost ring! OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH! It's my first mission! Within These minutes, Hip hip hooray AAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWOOOOO! In this search, I will be.............. Good and perch! Now I'm on my way for the ring!

Mutts Ado About Nothing [1.9][edit]

Charlie: Itch, I can't tell you and that vacuum cleaner apart anymore.
Itchy: Oh, is that a short leg joke or something?
Charlie: Who stepped on your tail? I was talking about your whining.

Itchy: I'm gonna tell you a joke. My dog has no nose.
Charlie: Then how does he smell?
Itchy: Terrible. And no offense, but so do you, Charlie!
Charlie: That's my signature smell.
Itchy: Well then you need never worry about forgeries!

Sasha: Hi, Charlie. Freezer's broken at the supermarket. Want some thawed fish sticks?
Charlie: (I'm) not in the mood for fish sticks.
Sasha: Let me guess. Pretty little poodle took your heart for a one-way ride to the country?
Charlie: Try this. Flea-ridden little wiener dog takes my edible garbage to the dumpster.
Sasha: (sighs) Itchy is one clean wiener dog.
Charlie: (taking a fish stick) Who's he think he is? The big nag. (puts the stick in his mouth) He treats me like a child, like, I got no manners. (grunts and bangs his fist on the counter) Next, he'll be alphabetizing my garbage, and he calls me inconsiderate. (Ironically, he steals a fish stick from a bowl a dog waiter is carrying)
Sasha: So Itchy whines a little. Big (?). The guy vacuums and even does windows. I wish he'd come to my house once a week.
Charlie: Well, then you take him! Just don't send him back. (Charlie chokes) Turning blue! (Sasha turns him around and thrusts her front paws around his waist, making the food in his mouth come out and onto a bowl of food another dog waiter is carrying)
Sasha: You never know, Charlie. Itchy just may be like that comfy old pillow you throw out, and then you miss it when it's gone.
Charlie: Yeah, well, a pillow never called me lazy.

Bess: But, Itchy, he's your best friend. Isn't there one thing you like about him?
Itchy: Yeah. He ain't here.

Itchy: (unaware that Annabelle is appearing as an image on one of their windows, watching) How about if I just stop talkin' to ya?
Charlie: (also unaware) Oh, that should be easy, 'cause I won't be here to talk to.
(Itchy sneezes.)
Annabelle: All right. Stop that, you two!
Charlie: Annabelle!
Itchy: (gasps) Now see what you did?
Annabelle: Eh-eh-em...?
Charlie: Me? You're the one who...
Annabelle: Shh. Enough! I can hear you arguing all the way to heaven! You're supposed to be angels! Role models, for goodness sake! Now, Charles, Itchy, I want you to show a little understanding. A little kindness toward each other. Or else!
Charlie & Itchy: Sorry.
Annabelle: You two have a wonderful friendship, but it's at stake right now. If you don't do something to save it, I will.

(Even so, Charlie and Itchy have continued to fight, such as by squirting ketchup and mustard and throwing things at each other.)
Annabelle: I warned you. Now we'll do it my way.
Itchy: Annabelle.
Charlie: Uh-oh.

Itchy: Whoa... what are you gonna do, Annabelle?
Annabelle: If you can't see the diamond because of its flaws, you must walk a mile on each other's paws.
[The ghosts of Charlie and Itchy leave their own bodies.]
Charlie: I don't like this!
Annabelle: Too bad. Until you can learn to appreciate each other, you're stuck with it.
[Charlie and Itchy's ghosts enter each other's bodies]

Itchy: (in Charlie's body) I don't care how you smell, Charlie. Being big is a big responsibility.
(Because Charlie and Itchy have finally learned to appreciate each other, their spirits leave each other's bodies and go back into their own.)

Bess: [seeing Charlie and Itchy getting along again] Look, Sasha. Our plan worked.
Bess and Sasha: [in unison] If they only knew.
Charlie: Heh. Hey, Itch. Check out the girls. They never had a clue (about the body swap).
Charlie and Itchy: [in unison] If they only knew. [laughing]

Dog Eat Dog [1.10][edit]

Will Success Spoil Itchy Itchiford? [1.11]===

Heaventh Inning Stretch [1.12][edit]

Leon: I got bologna in my shoes.
Charlie: Yeah, feel funny, don't it?

Annabelle: (crying happily, only without any tears showing) Charles Barkin, that's the most unselfish thing I've ever heard you say.

The Perfect Dog [1.13][edit]

(Sasha sings the episode's titular song against Charlie, rejecting him as a boyfriend, and a lot of glass ware shatters.)
Sasha: (singing) If you had what it takes,
You would be quite the gentle-hound,
A more sentimental hound,
Less of a flake.
You'd be my hero
Instead of a zero
If you had what it takes.
Itchy: (spoken) Come on, Sasha. What do you want, anyway?
Sasha: (singing) I want the perfect dog
Who'd never make me wait.
Sasha & Charlie: (singing) The perfect dog
Charlie: (singing) It's more fun to irritate.
Sasha: (singing) The perfect dog
Who'd shower me flowers.
Sasha & Charlie: (singing) The perfect dog.
Charlie: (singing) You'd be sniffling for hours.
Sasha: (singing) So very 'phisticated.
Charlie: (singing) That's overrated.
Sasha: (singing) Someone who'd risk his hide.
Charlie: (singing) Who'd take you for a ride.
Sasha: (singing) Who'd make me feel so proud.
Charlie: (singing) Stop walking on a cloud.
Sasha: (singing) To have them by my side.
Itchy: (spoken) Gee, it's gettin' awful hot in here, ain't it?
Sasha: (singing) The perfect dog, I long to see.
The perfect dog, the dog for me.
The perfect dog. You'll never be
The perfect dog!
Charlie: (singing) Uh, I hate to deflate you
Or invalidate you.
This pie-in-the-sky guy
Will just nauseate you.
Life would be boring.
You'd spend all day snoring?
(spoken) Is that what you want?
Itchy: (spoken) You know, Sasha, if you ask me, I think Charlie's got a point. Don't you think so? I think so.
Sasha & Charlie: (singing) The perfect dog.
Charlie: (singing) He's only in your dreams.
Sasha & Charlie: (singing) The perfect dog.
Sasha: (spoken) I've had it with your schemes!
(singing) I want the perfect dog!
Charlie: (singing) There is no such creature!
Itchy: (singing) The only perfect dog is in an animated feature!
Sasha: (singing) Tender and kind.
Charlie: (singing) They say love is blind.
Sasha: (singing) You're out of your league!
Charlie: (singing) You're out of your mind!
Sasha & Charlie: (singing) The perfect dog.
Sasha: (singing) I only want...
Charlie: (singing) You'll never find...
Sasha & Charlie: (singing) The perfect dog.
Itchy: (spoken) Come on and kiss.
Sasha & Charlie: (spoken) Stay out of this! (singing) The perfect dog.
Sasha: (singing) You'll never be...
Charlie: (singing) Who'll wanna be...
Sasha & Charlie: (singing) The perfect dog!

Charlie: Come on, pal. Ime-tay oo-tay am-scray.
Itchy: O-nay. Listen, Charlie. I don't speak, uh, Pig Latin. I mean, I, I... I never studied abroad.
[Sasha Angrily throws some kitchenware at them]
Itchy: Right! I understand that!
[Charlie and Itchy run out of the cafe]
Sasha: [Angrily chasing after them] If I get my paws on you, Charlie Barkin, you'll wish you'd never been born!
Charlie: Boy, Itch, is she crazy about me or what?

Gerta: Do you know how sorry you look?
Sasha: [looking like she hasn't slept in days] You don't understand. He's perfect.
Gerta: Yeah, a perfect fake.
Sasha: No matter... what I do, he's... (shocked) a fake?
Gerta: Uh-huh, I overheard him at the diner. This is all one big scam to make you crack. Looks like it worked.
Sasha: [crushing trash can lid with her paws in anger] A scam, huh?
Gerta: (offscreen) Do you want to borrow my baseball bat?

Sasha: (upon discovering that Charlie had been playing possum so she would admit she was wrong about him) Charlie? You're alive! (now angry) I'll murder you!

Season 2[edit]

La Doggie Vita [2.1][edit]

Charlie: Hey, "easy's" my kind of word, especially when it's spelled M-E-A-T.

Annabelle: Stop! (sung) Goodness will bring you happiness. Brighten your reputation. Your conscience is your best friend...
Belladonna: (sung) Unless you're seeking world domination! (chuckles) (spoken) Oh, just my sense of humor, Charlie.
Annabelle: (sung) No meaty meal beats the way you feel when you rescue some poor hungry soul. So sacrifice can be twice as nice as a mountain of bones in your bowl.
Belladonna: (spoken) Yeah, right.

Belladonna: (to Annabelle) Are all your angels prisoners, or can they make their own decisions?

Charlie: If "easy street" means turning my back on my friends, then "easy" is just too hard for me!

Travels with Charlie [2.2][edit]

Charlie: [clinging to a trolley speeding toward San Francisco Bay] We're on a runaway trolley that's headed straight for a major carwash!

Charlie's Cat-Astrophe [2.3][edit]

Magical Misery Tour [2.4][edit]

Charlie: Hey, so David. Did you see the way I handled Otto and his mild pack? (chuckles) What a bunch of maroons.
Sasha: Huh. Speaking of maroons, I know one who stood me up for a breakfast date!
(Charlie gulps)

Miss Guidance [2.5][edit]

Charlie: [Laughing] What in the world to Project Gotham Racing 4 to Xbox 360?
Itchy: Ha ha, ha? Oooo Xbox 360 to game PGR 4 you the Men?

Charlie: (Shouting) Sashaaaaa!!!!!

Sasha: Charlie? (Sasha Gasped)

Charlie: Hellllpp!!! SOS!! Heellpp!

Sasha: (Yelped in Shocked)

Fearless Fido [2.6][edit]

Pair-a-Dogs Lost[2.7][edit]

Kibbleland [2.8][edit]

Charlie: Oh no i saw Sega Rally?
Itchy: Ha ha ha! Gee rally car falls in slip.
Charlie: [laugh] Gee rally car someone there was a rally.
Sasha: [laugh] Oh grinder that yes doing!
Charlie; Ha grinder does himself equipment?
Sasha:' [crying] Oh no Charlie? Excuse me surely no

i offended.

Itchy: do not cry Sasha? I'ii go here car rally.

The Rexx Files [2.9][edit]

Itchy: Who knew Annabelle was an Outer Limits fan?
Charlie: Yeah, explains a lot, doesn't it?

Charlie: What's cookin', good lookin'?
Sasha: Nothing. It always smells like that in here.

Sidekicked [2.10][edit]

Charlie: [I cry with laughter] It's Gran Turismo!

Heaven Nose [2.11][edit]

Belladonna: Look Gordon, Ropes! We can use these to traverse- HELP ME GORDON!

The Big Fetch [2.12][edit]

Charlie: (in voiceover) 9:01, I stepped into the elevator.
(Charlie screams)
Charlie: (in voiceover) 9:02 Remember, there is no elevator.

Sasha: (singing) Don't like fancy tricks the way some do/There's no need to fetch me my ball./I don't want no tough-talkin' gumshoe./You don't have to wear shoes at all.

All Creatures Great and Dinky [2.13][edit]

Annabelle: Hello, Charles.
(Annabelle appears on the tin box or whatever it is.)
Charlie: Annabelle. Gee, what a treat.
Itchy: Ooh. This is another mission, right?
(Charlie launches a pickle at the box with a spoon.)
Annabelle: Yes, Itchiford. One of the Flea Bite regulars, eh-heh-hem... needs your help.
Charlie: Oh, yeah? Oh, I hope it's that cute Pekingese up there.
Annabelle: No. It's a cute female down there. (points downward under the table)
Charlie & Itchy: Huh?
(We see that the "cute female" under the table is a gray mouse with a pink pouch)
Annabelle: Meet Moxie.
(A drop of ketchup falls from the table into Moxie's path, but she dodges.)
Moxie: Whoa! Hey, jerk! Why don't you slop on someone your own size?
Charlie: A mouse? Who cares about a measly mouse?
Annabelle: Heaven cares.

(As soon as Moxie, a shrunken Charlie, and a shrunken Itchy, have reached where Moxie lives, Moxie catches her children playing with a piece of Styrofoam.)
Moxie: Uh! Oh! Oh no no! I thought I told you little squeaks not to play with Styrofoam.
Charlie: Hey, hey, hey. Lighten up, lady. They're only kids.
Moxie: Hey, listen, hydrant face. If one of my babies eats Styrofoam, it stays in their tummy forever. That stuff lasts for over 500 years.
(Moxie reaches into her pouch for a wad of paper and gives it to her children.)
Moxie: Here. Play with this. Paper's safe.

(Charlie is about to quit the mission after what he's been through.)
Annabelle: (on some kind of clock) Charles, I've never known you to be a quitter.
Charlie: Look, Annabelle, I've been gassed, slimed, washed away, stepped on, steam-cleaned. This is not my idea of a good time.
(He walks away.)
Annabelle: No? Then think about the mice. They live with this every day.
Charlie: Then why don't they just move away?
(Annabelle reappears on another monitor.)
Annabelle: You can't get away from pollution. It's everywhere.
(She snaps, and the monitor changes to a video of toxic paint dripping from an aqueduct with a city in the background)
Annabelle: It's not just a problem for mice.
(This changes to an image of a spilled bucket of paint above ground with the underground beneath, with some red paint dripping through the soil, but Charlie makes shadow puppets over it.)
Annabelle: The Earth is like a sponge that soaks everything in.
(Now it changes to some water underground turning green.)
Annabelle: It seeps down to the groundwater...
(Then we see the bottom of an open pipe underneath the green groundwater.)
Annabelle: ... then pumps pull the groundwater right back up into the city.
(Then, Charlie stops the shadow puppets when we see a clip of Itchy filling a water dish with paint-tainted water from the hose, and then Charlie laps it up with his tongue.)
Annabelle: You and Itchy drink water that has Carface's poisons in it.
(The clip then changes to Charlie and Itchy sitting while coughing. Then, back to Annabelle's image.)
Charlie: Wait a minute. You mean, that paint, going down the drain, I, I'm-- (gasps) Carface! No way am I gonna let you poison me! Thanks, Annabelle!
(He sees Moxie and Itchy sitting and moping.)
Charlie: Hey, what are you two sitting around for? We've got a machine to shut down!
Moxie: Why is he doing this? I've been nothing but sassy with him.
Itchy: That's probably why. Charlie loves a challenge.

Charlie: (about Carface) That fat, dumb, unkind dog sure plays a mean pinball.

(Charlie and Itchy have just finished the mission and left the fondue party.)
Annabelle: (off-screen) Good work, Charles.
(Charlie and Itchy are restored to their normal sizes, much to the dismay of the flea that's been tagging along with Itchy, so it freaks out.)
Itchy: (to the flea) Hey, what are you complaining about? There's more of me to love.

Charlie: Hey, hey. No more trashy lifestyle for moi. It's bad for the little critters.
Gerta: What's gotten into you?
Charlie: Eh, you know, I'm a new, sensitive mutt.
Gerta: Don't look now, Mr. "Sensitive," but that Pekingese is givin' ya goo-goo eyes.
(She walks away.)
Moxie: Hurry it up, Charlie. I hate this mushy stuff.
Charlie: Come on. Just one more minute, Mox, and then I'll have that Pekingese eating out of my hand, too.
Moxie: Okay, okay. Squeak. Squeak. Squeak.

Season 3[edit]

Free Nelly[edit]

(Charlie imagines what would happen if the video was shown, out of fear that he'll look silly) Annabelle: Good work, Charles. You found all the evidence. (amused) That clown act of yours... (laughs) ... is the funniest... (laughs more) ... oh, it's the funniest thing I have ever... (laughs loudly) Oh, wait till the others see it! (continues to laugh and falls on her back, revealing her back feet in the air)

History of All Dogs[edit]

Itchy: Burrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! (trying to sound like a plane)

Charlie: What is that noise?mmm☹️

Itchy: Look, Charlie. I'm an airplane.

Charlie: Well you have the build for it.

Itchy: Charlie, it's my turn to type.

Charlie: O.K. Just remember "dog" doesn't have a Q in it.

When Hairy Met Silly[edit]

Itchy: (to two puppies fighting over a bag of dog food) Hey, hey, stop it! Stop it right now, you two!

Smaller Puppy: Why should we?

Charlie: Because we'll take this bag of dog food for ourselves if you don't.

Itchy: Hey, don't you guys know that there's a lot more that you can get accomplished if you work together... instead of fighting?

Smaller Puppy: (to Charlie) Mistah, you're not really gonna steal the dog food, are ya?

Charlie: Not if you sit still and listen for a minute.

He Barked, She Barked[edit]

Charlie: Don't make me hurt you, smile boy!

Itchy: Yeah, what he said!

Charlie: Take your sunny disposition for a walk, Carface!

Carface: Actually, I prefer the name "Kindface".

Itchy: (with a thug look) He does have a kind face: the kind I'd like to forget! (Charlie and Itchy Laugh)

Charlie: (with a white cowboy hat on with a blue stripe on the lid) Good thing I kept this extra miracle dog tag in reserve. Never fear old chone I Shall nobley Endervy to Levitate you out of your Grievous Jeopardy.

Itchy: He's Going to float her out of there.

Charlie: (In confused voice) I I yyyy.

Itchy: (hiding in the shawdow, talking on a cell phone) Mutt for brains. This is lead dog. Move into position. Now!

Carface- (on the other end of the phone) Sure thing boss be right there.

Charlie- So beat it, Carface!

Itchy- Yeah, what he said!

Carface- I would beat you up, but I'm wearing my new bowtie.

Killer- So I sent my flunky assistant Carface.

Carface- (Carface stands up with a Angry look and Says) YOU'RE FLUNKY!

(While Sasha is singing the bridge...) Sasha: (sung) You take so many walks/And steal so many socks,/Catch every kind of rubber ball.

(Killer laughs and shakes around to the song.) Sasha: (sung) Just think of having fun/And maybe when you're done,/You'll find you're not so gloomy after all.

(An angry Belladonna uses magic from her finger to burn Killer's rear end and make him jump in severe pain and fall back in front of his seat)

Sasha: (to Charlie) Why is it the only time you're totally honest is when you're at your worst? (kisses his cheek) Ha! I guess it's my fault for being attracted to bad boys.

Charlie: Oh, baby. I'm the worst. (chuckles)

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