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All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 is a 1996 American/British/Irish animated film. It is the sequel to MGM's 1989 animated film All Dogs Go to Heaven. It was released on March 29, 1996. Don Bluth, the director of the original film, had no involvement with the sequel. The animation and plotline of this film was considered to be of a lesser quality in comparison to the original film. This film also reduces the mature themes that were present in the original movie. Anne-Marie from the original movie is replaced with David in this sequel due to the respect of Judith Barsi's tragedy on July 25, 1988.

Tagline: Heaven help us! Look who's back in the adventure of 2 lifetimes.


  • Maybe you can do something besides making a nuisance of yourself.


  • [complaining about Gabriel's Horn] Of course it couldn't be Gabriel's Flute or Gabriel's Kazoo, nooo.


  • Short legs! there just short! (running after Charlie) Charlie!


Charlie: The name's Barkin. Charlie Barkin. And you are?
Sasha: Not even remotely interested.

Charlie: So, is there a mister Sasha?
Sasha: Nope. And I'm not taking applications.
Charlie: Okay. Okay. But if you were, what, umm...what qualities would you be looking for?
Sasha: Oh, I don't know.
Charlie: Aah, of course you do.
Sasha: Hmm. Well, loyalty, strength, breeding...
Charlie: I'd be good at that.
Sasha: Humility. [pause] Compassion...
(Charlie walks headfirst into an I-beam and falls to the ground)
Sasha: And of course, style.

Sasha: [during a hair-raising moped ride with Charlie at the controls] Aren't guardian angels supposed to protect people?!
Charlie: Hey, it's my first day on the job.

[Carface and Red are playing Go Fish]
Carface: Hey, you got any sixes.
Red: [Red's cards are all sixes] Go Fish!

Sasha: Now, tell me the truth, Charlie Barkin: why did you really come back? And don't you con me.
Charlie: Actually, I kind of like the idea of being Mr. Sasha.

[Red grabs Gabriel's Horn with both hands. The horn glows in his hands]

Red:Gabriel's Horn is finally mine
[Red runs up a flight of stairs taking no notice of virtually anything]
Carface:[spotting Charlie and David fle] Boss they're fleeing
Red:Let them. I got what I came for

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