Allan Cunningham

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Allan Cunningham

Allan Cunningham (December 7, 1784October 30, 1842) was a Scottish poet.


  • A wet sheet and a flowing sea,
    A wind that follows fast,
    And fills the white and rustling sail,
    And bends the gallant mast.
    And bends the gallant mast, my boys,
    While like the eagle free
    Away the good ship flies, and leaves
    Old England on the lee.
    • "A Wet Sheet and a Flowing Sea"; reported in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919).


  • While the hollow oak our palace is,
    Our heritage the sea.
    • "A Wet Sheet and a Flowing Sea", line 23.
  • When looks were fond and words were few.
    • "The Poet's Bridal-day Song", line 20.

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