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Alpha Dog is a 2006 crime drama film about a 15-year old kid who is kidnapped as collateral for his brother's drug debts. But then things go too far. The film is based on the true story of the kidnapping and murder of Nicholas Markowitz in 2000.

Directed and written by Nick Cassavetes.
How did it ever go so far?taglines
They have their own rules in the drug world. They killed my son for twelve-hundred dollars.

Johnny Truelove

  • You ever have that dream, the one where you did something... you can't know why, but you can never go back?

Frankie Ballenbacher

  • Jesus. First you give me mouth, now you're giving me fucking tears. Do me a favor, Susan: have a period or something.
  • [After breaking Jake's window with a rock] 97 miles an hour muthafucker!

Susan Hartunian

  • Am I the only fucking person who thinks this is fucking wrong?

Sonny Truelove

  • [First lines of film] You wanna know what this is all about? You can say its about drugs or guns or disaffected youth, or whatever you like. But this whole thing is about parenting. It's about taking care of your children. You take care of yours, I take care of mine.
  • A drug dealer? No. Did he sell a little weed? Yeah.
  • You've fucked up your life so bad! And the only way you're gonna UNFUCK it, is that you come clean now, Johnny, YOU COME CLEAN NOW!

Olivia Mazursky

  • They have their own rules in the drug world. They killed my son for twelve-hundred dollars. [...] They said there's a reason for everything. Well if God's got a purpose for me, he better get the fuck down and show me, cause I don't see it!


Angela Holden: So you're like... ransom.
Julie Beckley: That's hot.
Zack Mazursky: It's okay. Its like another story to tell my grandchildren
Julie Beckley: Stolen boy.

Frankie Ballenbacher: You want a cigarette?
Zack Mazursky: No, I don't smoke.
Frankie Ballenbacher: Fuck that. It's good for you.

Susan Hartunian: This kid has been kidnapped!
Sabrina Pope: Dude, that's so fucking cool.
Susan Hartunian: Dude, this shirt is fucking cool, Bob Marley is cool, you guys think that kidnapping is cool?
Sabrina Pope: Yeah, Susan, it's fucking exciting. I think its romantic he's doing it for his brother.

Frankie Ballenbacher: Where is that motherfucker?
Johnny Truelove: Who the fuck knows? I don't know! He's probably laying low waiting to shoot me in the fucking head! I mean, think about it, that's what I'd be doing.
Frankie Ballenbacher: Stop already, alright? You know how I get with this anxiety shit!

Frankie Ballenbacher: I got it under control. Say it, "You, Frankie, have got it under control." Say it!
Susan Hartunian: You, Frankie, have it under control.
Frankie Ballenbacher: Right now, say "I, Susan, am a whiny fucking bitch and you, Frankie, have it under control!"
Susan Hartunian: I, Susan, am a whiny fucking bitch and you Frankie, have it under control!
Frankie Ballenbacher: Worst comes to worst I tell everybody to go fuck themselves, put 50 bucks in the kid's pocket, and stick him on a bus!

Angela Holden: [Sitting bored in bed] You wanna fuck?
Johnny Truelove: All right.
[They strip down and begin making out]
Angela Holden: [pauses] Is something wrong?
Johnny Truelove: No.
Angela Holden: No? Your dick's not even hard!
Johnny Truelove: It's getting there.
Angela Holden: Getting there? It's like a piece of bubble gum!
Johnny Truelove: Then do something about it, bitch!
[She slaps his chest aggressively then disappears beneath the covers, Johnny is extremely distracted, she reappears soon]
Johnny Truelove: Sorry.
Angela Holden: Sorry? Yeah, you're a sorry little bitch who can't even FUCK!
Johnny Truelove: Hey! Excuse me for being a little distracted, alright? Give me a break, I've got a lot on my mind right now!
Angela Holden: [derisively] Well, what do you wanna fucking do? You wanna play cards? You wanna cuddle?
Johnny Truelove: Can't we just...?
Angela Holden: NO! Fuck that shit, I wanna FUCK!
Johnny Truelove: Suck my dick, all right?
Angela Holden: I tried that already; it didn't work, did it? [She smirks]

[Zack is unknowingly being driven to his execution site out in the desert]
Zack Mazursky: I would never rat you guys out.
Frankie Ballenbacher: Hey, we know that, man.

Zack Mazursky: Frankie, what's going on? Frank? Frankie? Dude. [pause] Oh, man!
Elvis Schmidt: [Grabs Zack] All right, you ready? Let's do this!
Zack Mazursky: OH MAN, PLEASE! I didn't do anything! [He starts crying]
Elvis Schmidt: Move it! SHUT THE FUCK UP!
Zack Mazursky: I SWEAR TO GOD, PLEASE!
Frankie Ballenbacher: Relax!
Zack Mazursky: FRANKIE, PLEASE!
Frankie Ballenbacher: Relax, buddy! Relax, okay? It's not what you think, okay?
Zack Mazursky: YEAH IT IS, FRANKIE! Frankie, I thought we were boys!
Frankie Ballenbacher: [Frankie starts crying] We ARE boys!
Zack Mazursky: Frankie, there's nobody up there! Nobody is picking me up!
Frankie Ballenbacher: Yes, there is, okay? Just stop freaking out!
Zack Mazursky: Frankie, you promise?
Frankie Ballenbacher: I promise, all right?
Zack Mazursky: You swear?
Frankie Ballenbacher: [Frankie continues to break down crying] Zack, everything's cool, on my life, okay, l swear to God! Come on. Okay, I swear to God, alright?
[Frankie takes Zack's arm and leads him up the hill]
Frankie Ballenbacher: Let's just walk!
Zack Mazursky: All right...
Frankie Ballenbacher: We're just going to take a walk. Come on, man...


  • How did it ever go so far?
  • How did a crime with this many witnesses go so far?
  • Inspired by true events.
  • One crime. 3 days. 38 witnesses.


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