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Alpha Protocol is an Action role-playing game developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Sega in May 2010. The game revolves around the adventures of field agent Michael Thorton, the newest member of "Alpha Protocol", a clandestine service established to perform covert operations that cannot be traced back to the U.S. government. During the game, the player may choose at various points what stance they take in a conversation, therefore different dialogue options are available and will require multiple playthroughs to hear all of it. Dialogue may change according to the player's actions, personality and relationships with other people.


Conrad Marburg: Now, tell me what you're doing here.
Michael Thorton: Look, old man; you can talk big all you want, but at the end of the day? You're just a corporate drone collecting a paycheck. You answer to a cardboard cutout half your age with the fashion sense of a screaming child. He spends thousands on his fucking hair. I may be on the run, but I'm a lot better off than you; some monkey in a suit who can't even talk and click his pen at the same time.

Madison Saint James: I came to you because I was scared of what Mr. Marburg would do to you. But you're even worse than him!
Michael Thorton: You have no idea.

Madison Saint James: Asshole.
Michael Thorton: Bitch.

Madison Saint James: When is it going to be safe for me to leave here? I don't appreciate being kidnapped and I don't appreciate not being able to go home.
Michael Thorton: Kidnapped?! Who the hell would want to kidnap you? You're a pain in the ass!
Madison Saint James: Me? Look at you! Your jaw must hurt from all your macho tough guy talk. Ever hear of "anger management"?
Michael Thorton: No, because I killed all my therapists.

Michael Thorton: Albatross. Your signal's weak, I can barely see you.
Albatross: This call's being timed to prevent traces, Agent Thorton. After the timer counts down, this communication will be terminated. If you attempt to trace this signal, I'll end the call immediately.
Michael Thorton: What, you have more important things to do?
Albatross: Get to the point.
Michael Thorton: Alright, jackass, be that way. I'm calling because I'm planning to infiltrate the Alpha Protocol facility.
Albatross: If you think I know the location of the facility, I can't help you.
Michael Thorton: You do have a reason, if you've got the time. But maybe you need need me to spell it out for you.
[If the player killed Sis in Moscow]
Michael Thorton: What about what happened to Sis?
Albatross: You will answer for that - in time.
Michael Thorton: No. Once I get into Alpha Protocol, you're never gonna see me again. You said it yourself - you don't know where it is. So if I vanish...
Albatross: You can't bait me, Thorton.
Michael Thorton: Good. Because I enjoyed putting a bullet through that bitch's skull... while she was lying helpless on the deck of that yacht. Hell, I'd do it again. I still have a memento, her little necklace - I kept it as a trophy for the kill. Still has some of her blood on it.
Albatross: I will find you, Thorton. No matter where you hide.
Michael Thorton: That's too bad, Albatross. Because soo, I'm gonna be imprisoned at Alpha Protocol and you're never gonna see again. If you want me, old man, you'll have to come get me. Time's up, call's over.

Michael Thorton: Mina?
Mina Tang: Mike - what do you want?
Michael Thorton: I'm here to help you.
Mina Tang: You're probably the last person I'd want helping me... if that's what you're really here for.
Michael Thorton: I've went through a lot to get here - so you don't want to be rescued?
Mina Tang: You don't even know what you've become, Mike. I don't think you'd even know what to do with yourself if you weren't charging into a fight, or punching someone out. You've got this... rage... that you barely keep in check. That's what Alpha Protocol wanted you to be. That's what makes you useful.
Michael Thorton: I'm who I want to be, this program has nothing to do with it. If working with me was so difficult, you should've switched off the radio.
Mina Tang: I worked with you to bring Alpha Protocol down... but now, I see it doesn't matter anymore. [Depending on whether the play has actually done these things or not] You killed those CIA agents in Rome. The marines in Moscow... they didn't deserve to die. They found the body of that girl... Sis... on the yacht in Moscow. You let a museum of people die in an explosion... just to save one person. I've seen who you are, and I don't want to help you any more. Whatever you do here, it's just going to kill more people. Using you to stop Alpha Protocol... it was like trading one evil for another.
Michael Thorton: You used me for your own agenda... but somehow you feel I've betrayed you?
Mina Tang: I didn't have a choice.
Michael Thorton: Of course you did! You could have helped me at any time, exposed all this. But you didn't. I've had to make some of the most difficult choices of my entire life ever since I joined this program. I've watched people die, and I've killed even more. You helped set me on that road. So, you don't want my help? Just because you don't care for some of the things I did, maybe didn't like the way I treated you? Incredible.
Mina Tang: So what's your choice now, Mike? Because I'll make it easy for you - I don't want your help. Not any more.
Michael Thorton: [if the player chooses to leave Mina] You want me to leave, then that's what I'll do. I guess you get to stay here and deal with the aftermath then. Bye, Mina. It's been great working with you.

Nasri: Who are you?
Michael Thorton: [pulls out a gun] See the gun? That's who I am.

Alan Parker: This area is restricted. The vending machines are just down the hall.
Michael Thorton: Good to know where the machines are, in case I need to throw you into them.

Sean Darcy: You don't give me orders!
Michael Thorton: Not yet. Give it time, Darcy.

Michael Thorton: If you're phishing for information, you're wasting your time, Leland.
Henry Leland: Perhaps...
Michael Thorton: No, more like, definitely.

Mina Tang: Do you think the two are related?
Michael Thorton: Does the pope shit in the woods?
Mina Tang: I... really hope not.
Michael Thorton: Sorry, mixed the metaphors.

Michael Thorton: You're gonna bleed to death without medical attention, and you're wasting time asking me questions. That's braver than wearing that jacket of yours.
Konstantin Brayko: Why the fuck are you even here?
Michael Thorton: ...and AGAIN with the questions.

[After a helicopter is blown up]
Steven Heck: I got good news and bad news, the bad news is that was our ride out of here.
Michael Thorton: And the good news?
Steven Heck: I paid extra for the insurance package.

Michael Thorton: Alright, I'll bring the marshmallows, you bring the hotdogs.
Albatross: This is no time to joke.
Michael Thorton: If you're too cheap to bring the hotdogs, just say so. Guess those G22 resources aren't all they're cracked up to be.

Mina Tang: Now that you've made it to Taipei, what are your plans?
Michael Thorton: Mostly I figured I'd punch somebody until answers came out.

[If the player has romanced SIE and Mina]

Mina Tang: Are those fingernail marks on the back of your neck?
Michael Thorton: I uh... was attacked. I don't want to talk about it.

[If the player kills a couple of CIA agents]

Mina Tang: Mike, stop it! They're American agents!
Michael Thorton: So am I, that's not stopping them.

Michael Thorton: Give me what I need to know on Halbech.
Sergei Surkov: And why would I do that?
Michael Thorton: Because I have more bullets.

Michael Thorton: [Interrupting Shaheed]Yeah, that's fascinating, now - did you ever play make believe when you were a kid, pretending that you could fly?
Shaheed: Where are you taking me?!
Michael Thorton: Now, you get to be the plane. [throws Shaheed off a bridge]

Michael Thorton: Leland, I'm going to kill you.
Henry Leland: Amusing.
Michael Thorton: Not really.

Conrad Marburg: I expected more from a self-appointed hero. You are disposable and obsolete.
Michael Thorton: Says the corporate tool who answers to Leland...
Conrad Marburg: I work for Halbech. You? You're a man without a country, Thorton. You're me, twenty years ago.
Michael Thorton: What's that in dog years?
Conrad Marburg: Even if you escape, I know how your story ends.
Michael Thorton: Keep talking, let's me know where to shoot. If you're trying to kill me you're not doing a very good job.
Conrad Marburg: You'll make a mistake...
Michael Thorton: No, you're the one who's messed up. Maybe Leland should put your octogenarian ass out to pasture with the other cattle. He will anyway, eventually, if only to bury his dirty little secrets.
Conrad Marburg: You understand nothing, Thorton. Just the way the U.S. trains all their agents.
Michael Thorton: Does Leland send you out for his dry cleaning too? Chief of security for Halbech - talk about a joke. Yeah, I know all about Deus Vult and that abortion of an op in the Middle East. Poor Agent Marburg, believed dead - maybe wishing he was dead. Boo. Fucking. Hoo. And what has your live been since then? Setting bombs for Halbech? Killing bystanders in a museum? How fucked up and empty do you have to be to lower yourself to that level? You know what, Marburg? At the end of the day, at least I'm not somebody's lapdog. Enjoy living on Leland scraps, you don't even know what trust and loyalty are. Or does the fact I didn't go down the same route when I was abandoned really get under your skin, Conrad?
Conrad Marburg: I will end you, Thorton.

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