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Alvin and the Chipmunks is an American animated television series featuring The Chipmunks, produced by Bagdasarian Productions in association with Ruby-Spears Enterprises from 1983–87, and DIC Entertainment from 1988–90.

Alvin...and the Chipmunk[edit]

[Alvin is sick of fans mobbing him even in the woods. To get some peace and quiet, he convinced a wild chipmunk to trade places with him. All goes well until a crooked mountain man kidnaps Alvin. He telephones Seville residence, to which the screen splits into two]
Kidnapper{top of screen}: I have a chipmunk here and his name is Alvin. You can have him back today if you come with $30,000 cash.
[Dave sees Simon, Theodore and the wild chipmunk dressed like Alvin]
Dave Seville{bottom of screen}: I have no idea what kind of sick prank this is. I have all three of my boys right here.
[Kidnapper hangs up telephone]
Kidnapper{talking to Alvin}: Welp, guess they do not want you back!

The Mystery of Seville Manor[edit]

Simon: Our boat was swept away.
Theodore: How will we get back in time for the concert?
Butler provides a washtub
Butler: This should do, ha ha!
Chipmunks paddle down Thames River in their makeshift boat
Alvin: Once we prove we own Seville Manor, the first job of ours is to fire that butler!

Judge: Although you have proven your relation to Lord Sidney Seville, I regret to inform you that the money bequeathed to you is six cents. 350 years of taxes and repairs on Seville Manor have decimated the fortune. You are, as they say, kaput.
Alvin: But what about our titles?
Judge: Oh, but you see, Lord Sidney Seville was not a nobleman. Lord was his first name; Sidney was his second name.
Outside. Alvin tears down a poster in despair
Poster: SIR Alvin and the Chipmunks. (Alvin painted "SIR" on it earlier)
Alvin: It is a sham, an illusion.
Dave: Come on Alvin, the concert is starting and we have to be there by six!
Alvin: I am lowly peasant, a commoner, a nobody, I am...
Sign: Saint Alvin's Church.
Alvin: ...a saint!
Alvin joyously gets in limousine
Alvin: This is even better! I can do good! Kids can have a day off school!
Dave: Alvin!

The Princess and the Pig[edit]

Mr. Snide: Once I buy the farm from those immigrants, we can get the big bucks rolling in with my new spray, delivered by this crop duster. Allow me to give you a demonstration.
Mr. Snide sprays his chemical compound, in aerosol form, onto an apple seed. It instantly grows into a red delicious apple
Hood: Gee thanks Boss, I am hungry!
Mr. Snide grabs apple back from hood
Mr. Snide: Yes it is beautiful, but I did not say edible!

Nightmare on Seville Street[edit]

Dave takes the boys to the movies while he has dinner with a client
Alvin: How about we see Hideous Harold, Part XI?
Alvin turns hat sideways and impersonates a Freddy Krueger-like villian
Alvin{creepy attitude}: Don't fall asleep, whatever you do, or Hideous Harold will come after you! Alvin cackles maniacally, then returns to reality as he adjusts his ballcap properly
Alvin{calm voice}: It starts in five minutes. I will buy the tickets.
Dave: Excuse me Alvin, since I am paying I decide the film. Fuzzy Bunny starts in ten minutes and I will buy the tickets.

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