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Amazing Animals is an educational TV series, which follows the lizard named Henry, alongside with a voice-over narrator, who embarks the knowledge of various animals. It also include the Cartoon Animals skids along with. It is produced by the UK’s publishing company Dorling Kindersley, and with a joint venture with Partridge Films, and aired on the Disney Channel from 1996 to 1999.


  • (repeated line; to the narrator) Excuse me, but that’s amazing!


  • (repeated line) No, Henry.
  • And now ladies and gentle lizards, it’s time for Henry’s Amazing Golden Gecko Award!
  • (at the opening intro) Welcome to the world of the Amazing (topic in every episode)


Narrator: Henry! It’s time for your special report.
Henry: What? Now?
Narrator: Yes, Henry. Now.
Henry: Oh.
Narrator: You are ready, aren’t you?
Henry: Uh, of coarse I am... What was about again?
Narrator: You supposed to tell (topic)
Henry: Oh right. (inhales in his breath) Here goes.

(After failed in every of Henry’s report, due to his silly details)
Henry: (to narrator) Didn’t I even get one big right?
Narrator: Not even one, Henry.
Henry: (sulks) Rats.

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