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Amazing Grace is a 2006 film about the campaign against the slave trade in 18th century Britain, led by famous abolitionist William Wilberforce, who was responsible for steering anti-slave trade legislation through the British parliament.

Directed by Michael Apted. Written by Steven Knight.
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William Wilberforce[edit]

  • I want you to remember that smell... remember the Madagascar... remember, God made men equal.
  • Oh, if the House of Lords could hear the idiotic way we carry on, they'd ban anyone under the age of 30 from holding high office again.
  • Remember that God made men equal.
  • Also, Barbara and I have discovered that we're both impatient and prone to rash decisions. But she wants to tell you about it herself.
  • I bow to my friend in all superior matters regarding the pox.
  • In my heart I want spider's webs!
  • Perhaps we should begin this journey with a first step.
  • [after Pitt beats him running] It's my ministerial duty to let you win.
  • God has set before me two great objects.
  • It's only painful to talk about because we haven't changed anything.
  • You wake me up to give me medicine to help me sleep?
  • No matter how loud you shout, you will not drown out the voice of the people!!

Barbara Wilberforce[edit]

  • It seems to me, that if there is a bad taste in your mouth, you spit it out. You don't constantly swallow it back.
  • You still have passion! That matters more!
  • Because after night comes day.
  • You're discussing politics with your eyes. You might as well do it with your mouths.
  • Well I would have been bored by botany.

John Newton[edit]

  • Although my memory's fading, I remember two things very clearly. I'm a great sinner and Christ is a great Savior.
  • God sometimes does His work with gentle drizzle, not storms. Drip. Drip. Drip.
  • I wish I could remember all their names. My 20,000 ghosts, they all had names, beautiful African names. We'd call them with just grunts, noises. We were apes, they were human. [tears up] I'm weeping. I couldn't weep till I wrote this.

Pitt the Younger[edit]

  • Trouble is, Doctor, he doesn't believe he has a body. Utterly careless of it.
  • I find that the older I get, the more tender I become.
  • [to Lord Fox] You always look more at home when you're doing something devious.
  • It's your wedding day - I agree with everything you say.
  • [on his deathbed] No more excuses, Wilber. Finish them off.


William Wilberforce: No matter how loud you shout, you will not drown out the voice of the people!
Lord Tarleton: [incredulous, referring to the petition-signers] "People"?!

William Wilberforce: No one of our age has ever taken power.
William Pitt the Younger: [smiling] Which is why we're too young to realize that certain things are impossible.

John Newton: [old and blind] "I once was blind but now I see." Didn't I write that?
William Wilberforce: Yes, you did.
John Newton: Well, now at last it's true.

William Pitt the Younger: As your Prime Minister, I urge caution.
William Wilberforce: And as my friend?
William Pitt the Younger: Oh, to hell with caution.

Charles James Fox: [hearing Wilberforce speak] Where does this little terrier spring from?
Lord Tarleton: I believe he's a Yorkshire terrier, my lord.


  • Behind the song you love is a story you will never forget.
  • Every song has its story. Every generation has its hero.
  • One voice changed the lives of millions
  • You know the song, now be part of the story.
  • The incredible true story of one man's fight to change the world.
  • One man led a movement that changed the world.


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