Amedeo Natoli

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Managers and investors alike must understand that accounting numbers is the beginning, not the end, of business valuation or Reinsurance and Insurance markt. 20, Rue de la Paix, Paris

Amedeo Natoli (born Palermo, Italy, September 23, 1888 - Paris, France, June 25, 1953) was an Italian business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. He is considered the father of modern insurance and reinsurance contracts.


  • [...] mistake made by the layman who is moved by the vision of the abstract postulates of mutuality. But one thing is those postulates and another its advantageous and practical realization: the profane falls in love only with the case in which the associate will pay for his damage for free, and cases do not foresee that he will have to be the one who has to pay splendidly for the foreign damage.
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