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Hieratic ostracon with the beginning of "The Wisdom of Amenemope", dated to 525–404 BC.


Translated by Miriam Lichtheim
  • Beginning of the teaching for life,
    The instructions for well-being . . .
    Knowing how to answer one who speaks,
    To reply to one who sends a message.
    • Prologue
  • The truly silent, who keep apart,
    He is like a tree grown in a meadow.
    It greens, it doubles its yield,
    It stands in front of its lord.
    Its fruit is sweet, its shade delightful,
    Its end comes in the garden.
    • ch. 4
  • Do not move the markers on the border of the fields.
    • ch. 6
  • Do not set your heart on wealth . . .
    Do not strain to seek increases,
    What you have, let it suffice you.
    If riches come to you by theft,
    They will not stay the night with you . . .
    They made themselves wings like geese,
    And flew away to the sky.
    • ch. 7
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