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American Chai is a 2001 film about a young first-generation Indian American who wants to be like his American friends, but his strict immigrant parents keep a tight rein on his life. Will he realize his dream of performing rock-and-roll music?

Written and directed by Indian American director Anurag Mehta.


  • This fits right into your whole "fusion/salad-bowl-of-cultures" philosophy. How did I ever stand a chance? I'm too much lettuce.


  • Don't worry, chicken curry...


  • Aalok Mehta - Sureel
  • Sheetal Sheth - Maya
  • Aasif Mandvi - Engineering Sam
  • Josh Ackrman - Toby
  • Ajay Naidu - Hari
  • Paresh Rawal - Sureel's Dad
  • Bharti Desai - Sureel's Mom
  • Akshay Oberoi - Neel

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